In My Kitchen: May 2012

I look forward to the start of each month because that’s when Celia’s Fig Jam and Lime Cordial features “In My Kitchen”. I suspect that I’m a closet snoopy-boots; I love seeing what goodies are in my friends’ kitchens.  For May, my kitchen is revealing two utterly ordinary items: bottled milk and a micro-mesh scum-skimmer….

Why I No Longer Hate Oatmeal

It was my extreme good fortune to taste Birchersmüsli for breakfast in Hannover-Müenden in Germany. We stayed in a lovely old hotel, Alter Packhof, a meat packhouse in a previous life (talk about irony), where their breakfast buffet offered numerous selections unknown to me. What better time to be adventurous than when you’re on holiday….

The Letter H is for: Scones and to Heck with the Diet

So I venture into another new field of baking-palooza. Scones. Why? Because it’s International Scone Week, apparently, although my wall calendar doesn’t mention this fact … but then again it doesn’t mention Christmas either … ah heck – where was I? Oh yes, scone week – and because all of my baking buddies seem to…