Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

.Escaping into Old Times and Rhymes at the Jack and Jill Windmill in Sussex, England  © Misky 2012-2013 Posted for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, Post-a-Day “Escape”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

I believe we have a preview of spring. At long last! Posted for the WordPress Daily Post, Photo Challenge: Color For the Weekly Photo Challenge at DailyPost.WordPress.com.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

For the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, topic “Beyond” – The old Roman Gate at Pevensey Castle, Sussex, UK. Photo © Misky 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is “Growth”. These photos were taken in my garden. Join the photo fun by reading the details at WordPress Daily Post feature

Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Here are a few photos for the Weekly Photo Challenge, “Purple”. To join the fun, pop over to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple and read the instructions.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

For this week’s photo challenge, here’s my very active and constantly on the move puppy, Molly. She’s not really a puppy anymore; she’s about 10-years old now, but she thinks she’s a puppy! To join in the photograph fun, pop over to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement for details.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

This photo doesn’t entirely fit the bill for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. They want a Fleeting Moment on a Street. My street is dead quiet most of the time, so here’s my alternative. A Fleeting Moment in the Garden: a bumblebee stops momentarily to brush-up pollen in a poppy, and then flies off, humming…