A Vigorous May

The garden’s come alive. Everything is growing. Vigorously. Forget the words; these pictures are worth a thousand of those. Notes: We planted asier and cucumber seeds 30 April. Six asier have germinated. Reseeded cucumber in pots where nothing sprouted. I might not get any pickles this year. Apples: we should have a bumper crop this…

How To Reheat Pizza

Originally posted on The Chalk Hills Kitchen:
In 3 easy steps it tastes like fresh! We indulge in a pizza perhaps twice a year. We love pizza, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not the healthiest of foods for a diabetic or someone watching salt intake or even saturated fats. We’re a simmering urge that…

Heston’s Perfect Roasted Potatoes

Originally posted on The Chalk Hills Kitchen:
How-To-Make Perfect Roasted Potatoes My mum loved to burn potatoes. Well, that’s what I assumed. Turns out that she just burned potatoes. No love involved. It’s like this, you see. My dad loved crispy fried potatoes, and true to form, my mum never quite knew when to stop.…

In My Kitchen, April 2014

Just back home after a long visit with family and grandchildren, but I’m glad to be back in time for this month’s In My Kitchen feature. To join in and show what’s in your kitchen this month, just pop over to Celia’s In My Kitchen post for details. Here’s what’s in my kitchen this month….

Off to Find Spring

Well, not really. I’m off to play with my grandchildren. I have several posts scheduled for release during March, so any activity you see here is because of that. I hope that the arrival of spring greets you with an abundance of colour and happiness!