The Ultimate Scone Buttermilk Biscuit Recipe

This is not my recipe, so I’ll not take any credit for it. It is however one of the best that I’ve stumbled over, so I thought you’d like to know about it. It’s called Ultimate Scones, and it’s at the BBC Good Food website. And here’s the way they look when you’ve baked them!

International Scones Week

I baked scones for International Scones Week. That’s not to say that I baked them during International Scones Week. Last week was manic; the scones had to wait for me to breathe. Sunday morning was calm enough for the occasion, so here’s my contribution to Celia’s annual event. Photos of the participants’ scones are at…

Reduced-Sugar Low-Fat Oatmeal Cookies with Dried Cranberries

This is a tweaked recipe from Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. I’ve attempted to make these oatmeal cookies very low-GI with reduced sugar and fat so they’re suitable as a diabetic treat. The whole wheat flour helps to lower the GI number, and by using agave syrup you can further reduce metabolism rates….

So Far In October: Rye Bread, Roast Beef, Ham, Shortcake and Spuds

I tried Greg’s Rufus Guide Hasselback potatoes. It’s a really easy recipe to follow, and the tip for cutting the potatoes without slicing straight through is very clever, too. Next time I make these I’ll make the slices thinner in the hope that they’ll fan out more during baking. I had some leftover shredded Emmental…

International Scone Week: Fanta Zero Scones

Yes, Minister, Fanta Zero Scones. I was hoping they’d taste slightly of orange. They didn’t. But the good news is that they’re sugar-free for Mr Misk, passably pretty, although a bit on the dry side. I made these using Celia’s Lemonade Scones recipe, but replaced Fanta Zero Orange for the lemonade. I have to say,…

Dan Lepard’s Queen’s Gingerbread Panforte

Dan Lepard’s “Queen’s Gingerbread” This slab of dense, highly spiced gingerbread is a panforte of sorts, although for authenticity it needs 17 different ingredients to signify the 17 district city walls of Siena, Italy, where panforte originated in the 13th century (thank you Wiki). Traditionally a panforte has spices, dried fruits, nuts, honey and sugar,…

Dan Lepard’s Extra-Thin Rye Crispbreads

The last of December’s Short and Tweet Challenges. The clue to success is in its name: Extra-Thin. Not sort-of-thin or is-this-thin-enough. If you’re doubting your concept of ‘thin’, then you’ve not rolled it out thin enough. Keep rolling. Ro-lling, ro-lling, ro-lling out of the crispbread. I’m so tired so humming Christmas carols in my head….