Crocuses and Irises Open for Business

The temperatures are on the way back up, but the first two week of February were below freezing. I warn anyone with a wooden deck: wood planks are slippery as ice when they’re wet. And they’re more slippery than ice when they’re icy! I did the splits, left knee twisted and still swollen hard as a rock. But I can walk on it, so I’m incline not to bother the doctor about it. Yet.

All that aside, the good news is that spring is on the horizon. The crocuses are blooming, when the sun shines, and the mini irises are glorious in their deep blue colours. The garlic is sprouting (hurrah!), so maybe this year we’ll have homegrown instead of buying it at the supermarket. I’ve never been able to grow a successful crop of garlic.

And we made our first trip to the local tip this afternoon. Filled up four large bags with trimmed roses and apple twigs and branches. I am exhilarated; spring is arriving! But until it officially arrives, we’l suffering the fog and more fog and freezing mist, and February can’t be gone too soon.

14 February 2017: 4ºC/10ºC, partly sunny

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