And Then It Was May


Here’s a glimpse of April and a peek into May. The weather in mid-April dropped back into freezing, a wind from the arctic stalled all plant growth. We wondered if spring would ever arrive. The apple trees were still bare of leaves, and certainly no sign of flowers setting. The colour was only brown mixed with frost, and the occasional flurry of sleet. Note: Click the photo, and you can view them in full-size with left or right arrows at the page’s edge for navigation. Each photo also has a caption that will appear below the image.

And then just as suddenly, the weather turned warm and the garden came alive in a rush to catch-up for lost time.

And we had our first barbecue of the year with Peder’s new Weber. Grilled sea bass. It was delicious, although the skin stuck to the wire cage, so that needs some research. Maybe someone knows how to grill whole fish in a wire cage without it sticking. (and yes, we did oil the fish first). I also harvested from rhubarb stalks, and poached them with frozen raspberries to make a compote. Very nice with a scoop of ice cream, and with some yogurt in the morning. The tuna casserole is a childhood favourite of mine. This was always my choice for a birthday meal: tinned tuna with lots of veg and mushrooms, and topped with potato chips (baked until it bubbles).

I hope May brings you lots of cheer in the garden, and offers you fresh air, sunshine and enjoyment.



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  1. Karen says:

    Isn’t is amazing how nature can catch up so quickly. New England has had a very cold spring and I’ve been wondering if our orchard bloomed as it usually did the first week of May.

    1. Misky says:

      Not seeing many bees this year, Karen. Sad.

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