Autumn is Sourdough Time

I fed Sedrick-the-sourdough-starter the other day, coaxed him back into action, and he produced a few bouncy loaves of bread. Kept one to eat right away, and froze the other for later in the week. As it happened, later in the week was two days later, which I reckon is (technically) later in the week.


I used my new proofing basket for these loaves — seasoned the willow basket with whole wheat flour. Avoid using rye, as I discovered it causes the dough to stick to the basket. Had to pry it out of the basket, and it was a disheartening mess. Luckily, Sedrick still had enough uhmph in him to rise the dough again after that catastrophe.



So, all-in-all, not a bad result from old Sedrick. Well done, my son…


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  1. Karen says:

    Look at that beautiful loaf of bread. It would be irresistible as far as my husband is concerned. BTW, your posts aren’t reaching my reader.

    1. Misky says:

      Can’t imagine why not, Karen, although I’ve not posted much lately — writing mostly.

      1. Karen says:

        I wish I knew Misky but I have a lot of people that aren’t showing up. Wish I was more computer literate.

        1. Misky says:

          Try to unfollow me, and then re-follow. You should then receive a subscription notice generated by WordPress.

          1. Karen says:

            Thanks so much for the suggestion.

  2. laurasmess says:

    These loaves look perfect. And I love the name Sedrick too! So cool!

    1. Misky says:

      Thank you very much. Sedrick was the name of my first teddy bear when I was a child, so I thought it was time to resurrect the name again. 🙂

  3. Joanna says:

    how strange, rye is the one thing that doesn’t stick for me, I have tried so many different flours you wouldn’t believe over the years, I think a lot depends on how wet the dough is and I also tend to flour it once I have shaped it so there is like a double layer of flour between the dough and the basket, but that is my habit after all these years, Sedrick is a star though! And that is a beautiful beautiful loaf!!!!! xxx

    1. Misky says:

      That double layer of flour is a good idea. I might try that next time. Usually the dough releases but I’ve had a few nightmare scenarios where it clung so fast that we had to dig it off the basket. Ended up making rolls from that batch. Ugliest little buns I’ve ever seen. 😉

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