Food Photography: Three Shots and Lunch

Food Photography and Lunch

I am doing the food photography course again. I suspect that it’s exactly the same coursework that I did last year, but I’m hoping that some of what I learned stuck … i.e., I’ll be happier with the results this year. The course is free, and I’m old enough to know that you get what you pay for, but since I didn’t pay a penny for it … I’ll get more than my money’s worth out of it.

Today’s assignment involved taking photos of an object from three different angles. I added different lighting to the study as well. Lights on; lights off; this window; that window. My subject was “Smothered Cabbage” that I made yesterday, and today for lunch I used half of the cabbage for soup (in a beef stock). A bit of parmesan cheese on top for me, although Peder can’t stand the stuff — says it smells like teenage boys’ socks, which is rich coming from a guy who likes his cheese to squeak and slap him when he bites into it.

So, 1-2-3 here are the photos. Each one is clickable for a larger version. Nothing to write home about but I live in hope that I can say otherwise in a few weeks. Or months.


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  1. Keep up the good work!

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