How to Make Jam in the Microwave

Not everything on the internet is rubbish, although I reckon more than half of it is. As luck would have it, I found a recipe for microwave jam. Strawberry to be specific. I had a few left on the plants in the garden, those few that survived Molly’s sniff and eat test. She might be blind but her nose still works overtime, and she thinks the strawberry plants are her personal buffet. She also thinks the low-hanging cherry tomatoes are put there to satisfy her peckish moments. So we picked the remaining strawberries, which was about 2 cups (325-350g), and then I added a few stalks of rhubarb … and for the benefit of my friend Barbara, I added it because (1) I have a monstrous sized rhubarb plant, and (2) I needed to bulk-up the total volume of the strawberries so adding rhubarb was a no-brainer. (p.s. The leaves also make the world’s best insecticide when stewed in water.)

microwave Jam

I had a total of 2-1/2 cups of strawberries and 1 large stalk rhubarb. Two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice, a little bit of orange zest, and a scant ¼ cup of Half Sugar ®. If using granulated sugar, just add somewhere between ¼ and ½ cups sugar. Mix the berries, lemon juice and sugar thoroughly in a very large glass (microwave-safe) bowl, and let sit for 30-minutes. Now the fun part…

Microwave on high for 5-minutes. Stir thoroughly. Microwave again on high for 5-minutes. Stir. Microwave on high for 5-minutes. Stir. So that’s 15-minutes in total on high, stirring well every 5 minutes. Transfer to a small jar. When it cools, it should thicken slightly. If you want it thicker, toss it back into the microwave for another 5-minutes in that humungous glass bowl again. Be sure to use the largest bowl possible so the mixture doesn’t boil-over and make a mess.

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  1. My Pete would love this.
    Have a happy day Misky.
    🙂 Mandy xo

    1. Misky says:

      Hi, Mandy! Reduce the sugar. We found it too sweet as the fruit becomes very concentrated.

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