Food Photography, Day 27

Day 27: Analysing photos. For today’s assignment we were asked to apply the following questions to a food photo that we like. My photo is from Mimi Thorisson’s Manger  and the original tomato and squash photograph is on Manger’s blog.  Below is an small part of that photograph.


The questions are:

1.    What is appealing about this photograph?
2.    Who is the main character of the story?
3.    What do you think is the story?
4.    Identify the direction of light source?
5.    What props do you see in the photo?
6.    What can you tell about harmony of the photo and its balance?
7.    How is the space used?
8.    Identify the camera angle and where was camera relative to the food?
9.    How is the background?
10.   What can you say about the location of the food photo?

My answers to those questions are:

1. It feels warm, and intriguing. There’s something almost Gothic about it.
2. Fresh tomatoes and squash.
3. The story is healthy, wholesome,  real living, which isn’t very Gothic … is it.
4. To the left and behind the camera.
5. No props. Just a black wooden background with minimal texture.
6. The heavier squash are balanced with extended lines on the right upper and lower side.
7. The background fills the negative space, thereby creating a sense of levitation.
8. The camera angle is from the bottom and above.
9. The background is black stain plank wood.
10. France; a tabletop; a dark room.


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