Food Photography, Day 26

Day 26: Shot-Sketches, that’s what we did on Day 26.

A Shot-Sketch is like a sketch-shot, except that you use your camera to quickly capture a thought, a layout, a dish, anything that you want to capture fast with an aim toward refinement and re-jigging it later. Since I draw and sketch like a chicken with two left thumbs (yes, yes, I know that makes no sense), using my camera or iPhone to quickly capture a thought for some future use seems perfectly sensible.

So here are a few Sketch Shots that I’d like to explore in the future.

Stacks of food for freezing or preserving. This is a stack of Korean kimchi, which requires no freezing because it’s fermented, delicious and kicks like a spicy mule.


I’d also like to recreate this, creamed mushrooms on toast, using a white plate without colour and possibly refining the background so it doesn’t conflict or add noise.


I like this concept, and plan to use it often.


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  1. Those mushrooms look delicious! What better blanket for a piece of toast?

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