Food Photography, Day 19

Day 19: Food Styling and adding garnish to balance the look of the dish and food.



This was done by studying professional photographs on Pinterest’s website. I don’t like Pinterest because people ‘pin’ your photos to their boards, seemingly without your permission. This just rubs me wrong. Nevertheless, I looked through the photos, and noticed a great many that were quite average to below average, and a handful that were quite good. I searched for photographs with/of tomatoes, since I’m up to my armpits in home-grown toms now.  Here’s my effort. I took two shots of some tomatoes, basil and mozzarella balls.


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  1. b_young says:

    Wow. Intense. Now I’ve got to hit the farmers’ market this afternoon.

    Odd: I was happy with the one that shows on Facebook, then followed here and saw the full-on shot. Seeing the two makes me wonder what the one between looks like. One with just a little shadow.

  2. thesnowwoman says:

    These pictures are beautiful, so much rich colour.

  3. Amazing how just the right lighting and shadow can make something seem so much more appealing and rich in color. 🙂

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