Food Photography, Day 16

We’re approaching the end of food props. Today it’s dishes: colour, size, shape, texture, material: what works and what we should avoid. We’re told to avoid dark colours.

Surprisingly, it was suggested that acrylic plates can work well for the purpose. I don’t have any. Don’t think I will ever have any. I don’t like the sound of a fork and knife going tick-tick-tick on plastic unless I’m sitting on a log in the forest or on the beach. I’ll stick with porcelain and china. And I’m not going out and buying anything specific for the purpose to prove that plastic is annoying — I already know it’s annoying.

Fried Egg Pasta

Anyway, enough of my snit … my plates and bowls are mostly white. I have some Danish blue and white patterned plates but those aren’t everyday dishes. I also have some old Denby that’s white with a blue-green rim.

A warm plum, cinnamon and nut cake.
A warm plum, cinnamon and nut cake.

So that’s that. White dishes for props is what I’ll use. By the way, the cake is delicious.


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