Food Photography, Day 11

It’s White Balance (WB) settings on the camera today.

I learned a lot during this lesson. I’d never explored this setting, usually defaulting my curiosity to the ….erm… default settings. Auto White Balance (AWB) was the way Canon set the camera when I bought it, so I thought “they know better”, which at the time they did. Now I know better. I have options.

When shooting food indoors, I now set the default AWB to Cloudy. The colours are more ‘natural’ and don’t have that sickly blue-hue with the Cloudy setting. But sometimes a warm White Balance setting isn’t good. Some food needs that blue-hue, like cold food, like ice cream, like ice cubes, like frosted glasses. Jalapeño peppers shouldn’t have a blue-hue; they’re hot and need a warm-hue. But background colours become a issue with WB, so I must explore the best colours and textures when choosing Cloudy WB.

If you haven’t played with your camera’s White Balance settings, and selected one other than its default Auto, give it try. You’ll be surprised at the difference.


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  1. I also like to use the WB cloudy setting for mistä of my food photography 🙂

  2. Oops…my autocorrect was set for Finnish…meant most

    1. Misky says:

      I get that also when mine is set to Danish. 🙂

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