Hello Spring!


Am I dreaming or is Spring just around the corner?! Do you see signs of Spring in your garden yet? It’s still raining, still blowing a gale, but I see colour!



Do I dare pack away my jumpers and woollen scarves? What triggers you to pack away winter clothing?


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  1. I’m not packing mine away just yet! But at least the first signs of spring are poking through.

    1. Misky says:

      Mine also stay within sight; we always have snow in March. Sometimes in April, too!


  2. Glenda says:

    Hi Misky The first sign of spring must be so uplifting. I feel the same about our first rain.

    1. Misky says:

      We have so much rain here that people are hoping for a few dry weeks so the water tables can absorb the floods.


      1. Glenda says:

        It is a pity it is not shared around more evenly 😦

  3. Brave flowers shivering in the cold!!

    1. Misky says:

      Swimming in the wet, more like! 😀

  4. marymtf says:

    I live in Melbourne (Australia) where it’s possible to experience four seasons in the one day. I never pack away my winter gear.

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