Home Improvement: Garden Plans

Monday, 27 May: Here’s one of the problems with our garden and the position of the greenhouse. The lime trees behind the house have grown significantly over the past +20-years, and the sunlight is blocked until mid-afternoon. There isn’t enough sun reaching the greenhouse for the plants to grow properly. Here are a few photos taken at different times of the day to illustrate the point.

7AM HR1_27may13 (800x600) 8AM HR2_27may13 (800x600)

9AM HR3_27may13 (800x600) 10AM HR4_27may13 (800x600)

11AM HR5_27may13 (800x600) 12PM HR7_27may13 (800x600)

1PM HR8_27may13 (800x600) 4PM HR9_27May13 (800x600)

So at 1PM, the greenhouse has full sun but at 4PM shadows are already falling across it. It’s a waste of space. And besides the wooden frame is starting to rot. It’s gotta go.

At 4PM, you’ll see another issue. Sometimes Molly empties herself on the grass. Those little patches are so dead that you’d think that we’d salted the earth there. And yes, we do walk Molly regularly so she can take care of business, but she’s an old lady, and I can completely empathise with the fact that when it’s time – it’s time. We need to re-train Molly to empty herself somewhere else – not front and centre in the garden.

So that means that things are going to change. We just need some good weather so that Andy and Sonny can start work on Tuesday.


Tuesday, 28 May: No work today. It’s pouring rain. Buckets of the stuff. The ground is squishy.

The digger was delivered this afternoon, and quickly returned. Not because of rain. Its wheelbase is too wide, and it won’t fit through the side gate. I’m not having my entire new fence and gate removed for that digger to fit into the garden. Harrumph… ’nuff said.

Time for tea. Herbal, I think. Caffeine isn’t necessary at this moment.

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  1. I hope you’re finding something cosy to do while it rains. A digger sound exciting – I want to hear more once a suitable one arrives!

    1. Misky says:

      Doing a bit of writing. 😀 Another post in a few days.

  2. I’m excited to see where you go from here, Misky. Those photos will prove very useful when you’re planning future beds and plantings!

    1. Misky says:

      We due a bit of good weather this week, so things should slip into high-gear soon. (fingers crossed) I’ve saved my hostas, and now I’m trying to find somewhere for them. They are so picky about position!

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