Home Improvements: Grateful for Mercies

We woke to sunshine this morning. Sun! The temperature soared to 4C. It was still colder than that number implied because there’s a brisk wind blowing from the east. Cold aside, we enjoyed the sunshine while it lasted, and opened the new windows and the folders doors to let in the fresh air. It was glorious!

HR4_27March13 (800x600)

The person on the right is Andy-the-Builder, whose name is really Jim. This morning his guys were teasing him, turning the tables on his wicked sense of humour. Donald-the-Plumber, Steve-the-Electrician, and Sonny-the-son sang “Jim! Huh! What is he good for!! Absolutely nothing!!” I giggled no end when I heard that. These are a great bunch of guys.

HR6_27March13 (800x600)

It was mostly electricals and plumbing today. Donald-the-Plumber ran new pipes along the kitchen wall for the new AEG washing-dryer and the fridge-freezer. The wash-dryer gets both hot and cold water connections now, which I’m told is more economical than allowing the machine to heat the water, and the old waste pipes were moved and pushed back into the wall. Same goes for the drain pipes in the main kitchen sink, which required the mains pipe to be moved. That will be finished up tomorrow. No hot water from the kitchen sink now, but we do have cold water, so I’m thankful for small mercies.

Steve-the-Electrician prepared direct wiring for the pop-up sockets in the worktop, and moved the telephone sockets which would’ve been hid behind the upright dresser. Lost internet connections off and on all day as he worked on it. He’ll also finish up the new wiring tomorrow, and test-run the underfloor heating.

Oh! And the first lorry load of my new kitchen arrived. Some of the appliances, too. I can’t see much of the appliances because they’re wrapped in protective board, but I can see lots of shiny stainless steel and black glass!

HR1_27March13 (800x600)HR2_27March13 (600x800)HR3_27March13 (800x600)
The tall housing a massive larder! I nearly fall over myself with delight when I look at that. A larder is something I’ve always wanted, and now it’s inside my house waiting for me!

And to make the day perfect, the sunshine coaxed out my first tulips.

More happening tomorrow, but Friday and Monday are holidays in the UK, so I wish you all a very happy Easter. Jeremy-the-plasterer returns on Saturday to smooth the kitchen walls, and ready them for the decorator (painter) who will be arrive next week.

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  1. cecilia says:

    splendid.. absolutely splendid, i had no idea your kitchen was coming in so fast.. how exciting.. c

    1. Misky says:

      It really is moving along quickly! I have 5 guys working here today, which probably explains the rapid pace. Two electricians, the plumber, Andy and his son, and the plasterer will pop by today also. Now there’s talk of something called a “Sun Dome” for the staircase, a mirrored pipe with a sealed glass top that runs from the roof to the hall ceiling to ‘funnel’ natural light into the house. Paint colours being selected, too – “Hessian” seems to be the colour of choice right now. 🙂

  2. Misky that all looks rather exciting!

    1. Misky says:

      It is! It is! 😀

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