Home Improvements: No Kitchen

Andy-the-Builder told me today that from this point, everything gets better. He said that while the kitchen cupboards were falling off the walls, the doors and some carcasses were saved for Donald-the-Plumber, the old sofa was taken away by Cecil, I call Cecil “Conan-the Destroyer” because whenever anything needs bashing or removal or destroying, Andy calls in Cecil.

But perhaps the worst of all this project is the weather. Mother Nature decided to bring on the second Ice Age. The temperatures are below freezing everyday again, and it snowed during weekend, today, and more is expected during the week. At some point I’ll look to the garden with an eye to gardening, but not yet. It’s still winter.

HR4_25March13 (640x480)

So, while it snowed outside this weekend, we threw off the tarps and plastic coverlets, and played around with various furniture arrangements in the living room.

HR1_25_March13 (640x480)
There was this arrangement, which put Molly to sleep. Mr Misk decided he was too far away from the telly. He said he felt isolated. I didn’t like the two green leather chairs at the end, they stick out like green thumbs, so this was a no-goer.

HR3_25March13 (640x480)

So we moved Molly’s bed, she followed it and went to sleep, while we moved more furniture. This time we moved everything forward a bit, and split up the green chairs. Better but still not perfect. I think the green chairs will end up in the conservatory, and we’ll buy two new recliners that we found at John Lewis on Sunday. We’ll order those after the project is completely finished. I also like our silk oriental carpet with the colour of the brown leather furniture. That carpet used to be up in the bedroom. Looks like it will be in living room now. The long wall on the left, where the old doorway is now closed, will have a long double bookcase the length of the wall. That bookcase used to be on the right side of the living room.

HR2_25March13 (480x640)We also found the perfect location for the grandfather clock. The new doorway frames the clock as if it should’ve always been there. The door in that frame will be a double-Georgian door made to size.

We emptied all of the cupboards in the kitchen this weekend. I tried to put things where I thought I’d remember their location, but my sieve-of-a-brain has already forgotten where I placed most of it. I potter around, sniffing and snarling at myself, and my dullard memory when I need something. The next three weeks will be a real test of my memory, my patience, my endurance, and sense of humour.

HR5_25March13 (640x480)

Emptied cupboards. The mugs for coffee and tea are put a safe place for future use.

HR6_25March13 (480x640)HR7_25March13 (640x480)

These two drains need to be redone completely, tidied up, simplified, and the one on the left needs to be removed and relocated to the left for the new washer/drier.

HR8_25March13 (640x480)

Conan-the-Destroyer at work. He’s a lovely man with a wonderful sense of humour.

HR10_25March13 (640x480)

The cooker and hob are gone. There’s still a microwave oven but I plead stupidity beyond anything requiring reheating. I can make oatmeal in it, so Mr Misk is set for brekkie. Andy and Sonny put down hard-core cardboard on the new wooden floor so it wasn’t damaged. Nails, bolts, screws, wood, worktops … everything was flying in a flurry today.

HR9_25March13 (640x480)

Mr Misk enjoys watching the process of total destruction. I think it’s a testosterone thing.

HR11_25March13 (480x640)


And then suddenly the kitchen wasn’t a kitchen anymore. It was sheets of MDF and chips of laminate and bent screws and wires sticking from the wall, and tape and more tape, and everywhere tape, and wires, and socket plates hanging!



HR12_25March13 (640x480)

And suddenly we were off the chip shop because there was no kitchen for cooking a meal!

Tomorrow agenda: Skirting boards, door frames, coving, maybe a new door between the dining room and the living room. The new kitchen arrives (disassembled) on 2 April.

11 Comments Add yours

  1. It’s coming along! (Darkest just before the dawn, and all that.) Sorry about your bad weather, but at least they can work inside. Keep focused on how happy you’re going to be in that new kitchen!

    1. Misky says:

      Absolutely! 🙂

  2. cecilia says:

    I really liked the second arrangement, nice and snuggly, but your kitchen of nowhere terrifies me, how will you ever get it back! We have to trust Andy. Liam our builder was tetchy today, horrors!! ok out i go into the snow (still falling) to milk the noisy cow…at least i have a kitchen to come back to! poor you.. c

    1. Misky says:

      Now the oven and its housing is being dragged outside. Outside temp +1C, Inside temp +8C. I’m wearing many layers of clothing.

  3. Janet Rörschåch says:

    You guys are amazing. I’d have probably turned grey from all the mess….

    1. Misky says:

      I was grey before this journey began! 🙂

  4. Joanna says:

    ah memories, I will do anything to avoid having to do this again (once was enough) sending hugs from one side of the Arctic wastes to the other xx

    1. Misky says:

      I can’t believe how cold it is, Joanna, and I also can’t believe that the plumber is going to remove the sink carcass tomorrow! What?! How will I cope without a kitchen sink? (Gasp)

  5. The grandfather clock does look splendid in its new home – perfect!
    And my god hasn’t it been cold – we saw sun today, the first in weeks, cold but sunny I can deal with!
    Wishing you all the very best over the coming days/weeks with the kitchen – just think of the finished one…. 🙂

    1. Misky says:

      We had sun this morning but now the clouds are rolling in again … and the temperature is dropping. We reached a balmy high of 4C. Now it’s 2C. But if there’s a bright side, maybe some of the pests will bite the dust, eh?

      The kitchen bits arrived from Paula Rosa today, and of course we’re missing stuff, but the installation doesn’t start until next week because of Easter holidays. Soon though, soon!

      1. Less slugs would be a definite bonus !!

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