Home Improvements: Drip Drying


We’re in steady squeegee mode as the windows, door handles, worktops, and light fittings drip moisture as the plaster rendering continues to dry. If it this were summer, I’d open all the windows so things could dry faster, but it’s late winter and the temperatures are still below freezing. I prefer to view icicles outside, not inside. It’s easy to see where the new plaster is dry – if it’s dark rich brown, it’s still wet – if it’s a high-sheen cream, it’s dry. I must say that I love the colour of the wet plaster. It’s beautifully warm and rich. Here’s a photo of one of the plasterers working on the ceiling.


Here’s a before and after photo of the plastered hallway. Lovely colour, don’t you think? As the plaster dries, it turns lighter.


The flooring is inside, acclimating, and we’re just waiting for the under-floor heating coils to arrive in the post so they can be laid. A layer of self-levelling latex goes down first on the floor as a base, then the heating coils, and then the oak floor boards.


Molly is being such a good sport about being kept out of the way during the day. She loves to walk off with tools, expecting people to chase after her … which we do, thereby reinforcing that behaviour, but what’s a dog to do when it’s bored, eh?

The new windows arrive tomorrow morning, and the fitters start with upstairs installation, so I’m off to clear the windowsills and remove the curtains!

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  1. Misky, I know I’m not living in the midst of it, but from this side of the computer screen, things seem to be happening very quickly with your renovation! Ooh, and I love your big grandfather clock as well! x

    1. Misky says:

      Yes, I think it’s moving along nicely also. All of the downlighting is done now, but we’ve noticed a few adjustments that need doing, so we will speak to the electrician next week when he returns. I also want the kitchen lights on a dimmer switch.

      You should hear that clock when it chimes! We’ve removed the weights and pendulum for now so the guys don’t damage them. The weights weigh a ton! 🙂

      1. Has it stood 90 years on the floor? 😉

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