Home Improvements: We Have Heat

Weather: Snow expected next week.

The temperature dropped below freezing, and Sod’s Law, that was the night when we needed the heating and hot water most. The boiler was installed by the plumber but unfortunately the plumber’s not an electrician, so the plumber could only plumb. The electrician spent today sorting the wiring but still has the timer to attach to the system. He’ll return tomorrow. As a result, we went out for dinner last night and sat near a radiator to warm up. Today we had heating and hot water just before the temperatures started dropping again. But hurray! Hot water and heat tonight. No sleeping with socks.

These photos aren’t individually clickable. It’s just to give you an idea on progress.


Photos: Andy-the-Builder thinks we look like garden gnomes sitting in our two little flowery chairs in the conservatory, inching toward the portable heater, and grinning at each other.  The new boiler: highly efficient … once it was running properly. The pink plaster board has a fire-resistant coating – nifty. The steel beams are being covered in plaster board and will be rendered next week. The old hallway door into the living room is now closed up, radiators moved, but not repositioned yet.

Photos: equipment. Wooden poles keep the pink plaster board in place while sticky stuff dries. The light switch taped to the wall. Water temporarily plumbed into the washing machine so I could do some laundry. We had a lot of dusty clothes.

Next update during the week. Have a good weekend!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. cecilia says:

    Exhausting, but in a good way!! c

  2. Oh you have heating! Thank goodness. I was worried.. xx

    1. Misky says:

      Wore lots of clothes, and as they say, safe as houses!

  3. J9 says:

    I want to see you looking like gnomes. *L*

    1. Misky says:

      LOL! No way! 😀

  4. We are planning to improve my house and I keep on seeking ways and suggestions on how to do that, this is awesome, thanks for this share. I should get this implemented as soon as I have enough funds!

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