Home Improvements: A Hole for the Telly

Andy and Peder studying the bracket fixture while Sonny saws a hole in the wall.

So here’s the decision: no more eating meals in the living room with a lap-tray balancing a plate of food. We eat at the dining room table (with a view of the garden) and no telly while we eat. Well, that was the idea. In reality, Peder likes to watch the 6 o’clock news with his dinner, so today it was decided that we’d have a telly in the dining room.

Andy and Sonny helped Peder calculate where it should be positioned, and as he sat in a chair for the perfect eye-level (no neck strain), Sonny cut a hole in the wall so the bracket could be screwed into the wood beams. The plasterer will tidy up things on Friday and Saturday.


Andy and Sonny moved the fridge from the kitchen into the conservatory today … just temporarily until the new fridge arrives in April. Not really convenient but it’s workable for a while.

Today’s main tasks included filling Steve-the-electrician’s holes in the ceiling, plus a few other holes in the walls. I’m not sure why Steve put holes into the walls, unless he just wanted to see to the other side. The plumbing work is moved to Friday, and that’s when we’ll have no water or heat for about 48-hours. I’m hoping that the mains water still flows.

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