Home Improvements: The Back Door

Home Improvements: The Back Door That Is No More

28 Feb: Cloudy, 2°C/35F. The old back door is bricked up, sealed and stuffed with foamy mousse-like insulation material that hardens as it sits. Weird stuff. Weird is okay so long as it works. This kitchen has always been on the cold side frigid during the winter, and it seems that’s because it could do with a bit more mousse-like stuff foamed between the cavity walls.


Andy is missing a few of the yellow bricks, and he’s still on the hunt for something to match. He has a few on hand just in case he can’t find any, but we’re hoping that he’ll find a source. I mean, he managed to find a match for the red brick, so we can hope that’s he equally successful in finding yellow ones, too. At the moment, the bricks used for the doorway are a slightly darker colour, but it’s thought this is because the existing ones are covered with brick and cement dust. As time passes they should dry and match better.

It’s not been an easy day to be in this house with continuing renovation. The power was turned off while they moved power points (sockets) on existing walls, and chipped away at plastic board on the ceiling where the mains ring power for upstairs is wired. The drilling and hammering and sawing and dust in the air just adds to an increasing headache that aspirin refuses to budge.

Lots of work is planned while I’m away in Denmark: the lintels go into the ceiling, the plumber moves pipes from the boiler that are in the way of the lintel, the electrician returns to work in the living room (insert ceiling lights), and the wood flooring should arrive. I believe the security alarm guys return next week also.

So with the above parting shot, I bid you adieu until Monday.

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  1. I think I can do that with my own hands? lol, I am just wondering if I can improve my backdoor with my own experiences…

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