Home Improvements: Back Door, etc.

Home Improvements: The Back Door and Electrics

27 Feb: Cloudy, 2°C. Andy and his boys are still working on the back door, although it’s not so much a back door anymore as it is a brick wall. Some of the bricks salvaged from the area where the folding doors are now placed can’t be used to seal-up the back door. Some chipped during cleaning, and some broke, so Andy found some that are astonishingly similar in texture and colour to the old bricks. We were very lucky; it’s difficult to match brick used in constructing a house over 15-years old.

The electrician was working here today also, pulling wires down from the ceiling for ‘down-lighters’ in the kitchen, dining room (and eventually the living room also). He also wired in power for the pop-up and pop-down socket towers, brought in power for where the new fridge will stand (does a fridge stand or sit?), plus re-wiring for the alarm system. The alarm specialists, Peter Weare Ltd., also visited and took drawings and notes for placement of the new sensors. They’ll be back next week to do the work. The electrician returns this weekend to do more work.

The plumber also needs to move and re-plumb the water and drains in this area so the washer-dryer can fit in this spot. Copper pipes also need to be run toward where the fridge will stand, so it can give us cold water and ice cubes.


There’s another full day of work tomorrow, but Andy and the guys are taking Friday off. I’m flying to Denmark on Thursday afternoon for a funeral, so until Monday …. Take care and have a lovely weekend.

© Misky February 2013

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  1. Things are coming along so nicely! Bet you can’t wait for the end result.
    Sorry to hear you are attending a funeral. Safe travels.
    🙂 Mandy xo

    1. Misky says:

      Thank you, Mandy. My mother-in-law passed away yesterday, so it’s a sad time for our family. But work must go on, and I have a very good project manager to do that for us.

  2. cecilia says:

    i was about to make a funny quip about a fridge sitting and then read that your mother in law died. Goodness your family has had a hard time. But there is a kind of rightness in them both passing so close together. I hope that was not a dreadful thing to say, you know I say it with a loving heart. Take good care darling, i hope you are not away too long this time.

    I am watching your building with great interest. What luck with the bricks. Liam my builder is chopping a hole through the wall today from the Cloakroom into the Coupe, even though we have not got the door yet, he and I have been climbing through the window to get into the new structure and we just can’t wait one more day! I am sure the weather will suddenly take a turn for the worse!! Sods law!

    take care darling girl


    1. Misky says:

      It’s not at all dreadful to say, c. She was severely depressed since FIL passed away, and she’s not been at all well. They are together now, which is how it should be, and how I hope one day it will be for me, too.

      Bricks: gosh, yes, lucky indeed. We were astonished that they matched so well. The brickery were all the bricks were made when the house was built closed years ago, and often that means the end of certain mixes and sizes. Luckily the bricks are local, so they still retain the basic clays. Today, the guys put down sheets of slate below the screed as a damp-course instead of plastic which can sweat and cause problems. I’m glad that these guys are clever with using local building supplies and local merchants. My kind of guys! And besides that … they sing all day long. I love that. 🙂

      1. cecilia says:

        singing builders.. awesome! c

        1. Misky says:

          (wincing) …. oh, darling …. “awesome”? Noooooo, not you, too.

          1. cecilia says:

            Oops, I have spent much too much time with teenagers lately!! I must get some time with the grown ups!! c

  3. Karen says:

    I’m so sorry for your family’s loss…please accept my condolences.

    1. Misky says:

      Thank you, Karen.

  4. My condolences, Misky. Give how long you’ve been together, losing your mother-in-law must be a great sadness.

    I’m watching your renovations with great interest, although I can’t help thinking – whose idea was it to renovate in the freezing cold? 😉

    1. Misky says:

      Thank you, Celia. Sadly Peder has lost both his mum and dad within 3 months. We are extremely sad. She was a rare gem; a perfect mother-in-law, and grandmother to our children. They loved her dearly, as did I.

      Winter renovations because that’s when Andy-the-builder had a gap in his schedule, and he is a brilliant builder, brickie, and project manager. He’s amazing, plus he sings. 🙂

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