Home Improvements: A Messy Day

Home Improvements: Let’s Cut Brick

25 February: It was a messy day today, but by golly the ‘boys’ cleaned and tidied up after themselves at the end of the day. They dusted down the kitchen, swept the floors, which filled the air with more dust, opened doors trying to create an air current to whisk the dust outside, and that resulted in the freezing air pushing all the carefully created warm air outside. Never mind all that – they cleaned up after themselves and left the house in a liveable condition. I love these guys. They also sing and laugh while they work. I like that, too. They obviously enjoy their jobs.

Today’s Work: Lots of brick was chiselled out from around the back door frame, then cleaning the mortar off the bricks, cutting it to fit back into the space seamlessly when the old door opening is bricked up. There was also a lot of prep work for the electrician who arrives tomorrow. I suspect that the house knows there’s an electrician about to arrive because 2 halogen bulbs blew today, which tripped the fuse box twice. The electrician will mark where the new inset lighting goes, re-wire the light switches that were moved as the walls came down, and put in new wiring for the pop-up and pop-down power point towers that are hidden within the cabinets at worktop level. No more power points (sockets) positioned on the kitchen walls. Appliance switches are also hidden within the cabinets.

So in preparation of the electrician starting work tomorrow, most of the large pieces of furniture were moved from the lounge/living area into the conservatory. All the glasses and dishes are in there also. The new floor boards should arrive in a few days, and they’ll ‘temper’ in the room so that they can adjust to the warmth and humidity of the air before being laid.

And tomorrow the steel lintels go in. That’s the big test. The house will either stand upright as the engineer says or it will tumble into a pile of rubble. To be continued.

Weather: cloudy, 3°C

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