Today’s Bread Bake

Soon I won’t have an oven. Well actually, soon I won’t have a kitchen. Anyway, I decided to bake like a maniac for the freezer. I baked several 800g sourdough (white and rye 80:20) loaves and a 800g Danish-style rye bread (a dense, dark and moist loaf of bread that holds its own with marinated herring). Sedrick-the-Starter did himself proud – he’s a lively and buoyant and uplifting little guy who I suspect could rise a Fiat 500 if you set one close enough to him. He is one bouncy sourdough starter!

And then I remembered that Lent starts tomorrow. I’m going to eat a huge chunk of bread with Nutella, and then decide what I should give up for Lent. What are you going to give up for Lent?


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  1. When my youngest daughter was born, I didn’t have a kitchen. For about a year. Truly. I learned to bake pizza’s on the outdoor grill and got pretty successful at cooking entire meals with an electric griddle. It took forever. And I had four kids at the time. My sympathies to you, Misk.

    As for giving up food for lent. I’ve already given up beef, peanuts, eggs,and dairy due to allergies. I think that’s enough. Ha!

    1. Misky says:

      Oh poor you with all those allergies. No fun. As for your kitchen, I call that courage! I’d use the BBQ but it’s below freezing right now so that’s too cold to stand out there poking at meat. 😀

  2. Nicely risen! Never done sourdough but will do soon….

    1. Misky says:

      Joanna at Zeb Bakes has one of the best tutorials on sourdough, and she gave my the courage a few years ago to try. Great fun! I also used Dan Lepard’s method of creating a starter. Give us a shout when you try, Phil!

      1. Will do, thanks for the info!

  3. drfugawe says:

    Well, you appear to have this bread thing figured out – congrats!
    And I’m giving up Lent for Lent.

    1. Misky says:

      I still use your pizza dough recipe. One of the best, imo.

  4. You sourdough bread looks perfect, thanks to Sedrick. I could do with him for my sourdough 🙂

    1. Misky says:

      Is your starter a bit sleepy?

      1. Yes, but about to try a new one with spelt included. I need to name it like you have to encourage better husbandry!

  5. underthebluegumtree says:

    I’d pay good money for that bread. It looks wonderful. Still never braved a sourdough myself….

    1. Misky says:

      Thanks, Claire. I thought the same before Joanna (Zeb Bakes) gave me the courage to try. It’s nothing near as complicated as you might fear. There’s something quite rewarding about creating a starter (you’re actually creating life in a sense), and then using it to fed your family. There’s something very poetic about it. 🙂

  6. Joanna says:

    I was just going to say that sedrico had been busy and then I see my name not once but twice and I am very flattered, thanks Misk, the breads look great and I hope they console you in the Dark Ages of New Kitchen Twilight Zone. I don’t do Lent, not being of that faith but do food bloggers give up blogging for Lent? I wonder…

    1. Misky says:

      If not for your generous sharing of experience and gentle, patience, I’d probably still be buying bread at Tesco. You opened a whole world that I thought was beyond my abilities, and I’m grateful for my new(ish) hobby and all the new friends that I’ve made in the process.

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