Following your way back home to your roots, particularly when your age qualifies you for a free bus pass, is a heart-warming and nostalgic experience. Every sound and scent reminds you of your childhood. Here’s a taste of where my roots come from: salt water, a brisk wind, the sound of crunching pebbles under foot on a long and deserted beach, and the acidic scent of the sea mixed with seaweed.


A typical Puget Sound lighthouse next to the keeper’s house with the ferry berthing in the background.

edmondsFerry (800x432)

This is how we get from one side of Puget Sound to the other side – by ferry. Great fun, great ride, fabulous views and gawd-awful coffee.

We are in Hawai’i now, soon to take the Admiral’s launch for a tour of Pearl Harbor. More photos later.


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  1. becca givens says:

    Love this photo!! 😀 Have fun!

  2. I love that smell.. sea and seaweed! Have a wonderful journey!!

  3. ah the smell of seaweed and sea, and the accompanying sea breeze. Love it, but then I”m biaised 🙂 Safe and happy travels

    1. Misky says:

      Thanks, Claire. I’m back home to the rain and cold of Sussex now. I had a lovely few weeks though visiting with family. 🙂

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