How To Make Chicken Véronique

Easy Chicken Véronique (Creamy Chicken with Grapes)

Serves 1 (Easily doubled, tripled, etc.)

1 boned, skinless chicken breast
1 tablespoon (10 g) butter or low-fat margarine
1/2 small onion, finely chopped
1/2 teaspoon dried tarragon
110ml (4 fl oz) (1/2C) dry white wine or chicken broth
Handful white seedless grapes, sliced
1 tablespoon single cream (not optional; it’s not Véronique without cream)
Flaked sea salt and freshly milled black pepper

For the thickening:
½ level teaspoon soft butter
½ level teaspoon plain flour

Mix together the soft butter and flour. Mix well so there are no lumps. Set aside until the end of the recipe when you’ll use it for thickening the sauce.

For frying the chicken, refer to or continue reading …

Place the chicken breasts between two sheets of cling film, and lightly thump with the flat side of a chef’s knife so that the flesh is more even in thickness. You don’t want it flattened, so go easy with the thumping. Lightly salt and pepper each breast. Spoon the flour into a small sieve, and then dust the chicken with flour on both sides. Shake off the excess flour.

Preheat the frying pan (you must have a lid that fits it!) over medium to medium-high until hot, and then add the oil and butter. Tip and rotate the pan so that the surface is covered with a fine film of oil. Add more oil (or butter) if required.

Reduce the heat to medium, and then add the chicken breasts smooth side down. Set your kitchen timer for 1 minute. When the time is up, turn the breasts over, and reset the timer for 1 minute. The colour should be a light, delicate golden colour. When the minute is up, turn the breasts over so it’s smooth side down again.

Reduce the heat to low, clap the lid on the pan, set the kitchen timer for 10-minutes, and then don’t lift the lid to check on the chicken. Just leave it alone. Pocket the kitchen timer, and then walk away so you’re not tempted to look.

When the kitchen timer goes off, turn off the heat but DON’T TOUCH THE LID! You need all of that residual heat left tight in the pan under cover. Set the timer for 10-minutes, and allow the breasts to finish cooking in the pan undisturbed. When the timer goes off, your chicken is cooked. Remove the breasts to a warm plate, cover tightly with foil.
Chop the onion, set aside. Slice the grapes, or if they’re small just quarter them. Set aside.

Reheat the pan with the chicken juices over medium heat, and then add one small knob of butter. Melt and rotate pan so it covers the base. Add the chopped onion and tarragon, sauté until tender (just a few minutes) whilst stirring frequently, then add the chicken broth/white wine. Be careful of steam rising from the pan when you do this.

If the sauce needs thickening, use the butter and flour paste that you made at the start of the recipe. Just use a small bit at a time, whisking after each addition until it’s thickened as you want (don’t add all of it at once, as sauce might turn to glue). Taste and season as needed. Now add the sliced grapes, and gently stir.

Place the cooked chicken breasts on your dinner plate, and pour over the sauce. I like to serve buttered noodles with this. The plate needs carrots or green beans to colour up things a bit, too.

I hope that you enjoy this recipe. It’s one of our favourites, very quick and easy to make, and always impresses. If you have a favourite recipe that’s quick, easy and always impresses, please post a link to it in the comments box. I’d be happy to help promote your favourite recipes!


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  1. muddykinzer says:

    This looks yummy! I’ll have to try it!

    1. Misky says:

      Let me know how you get on with it!

  2. ceciliag says:

    I LOVE creamy sauces and have never made this before.. I will certainly try it! c

    1. Misky says:

      It’s very tasty! 🙂

  3. Debi says:

    Looks delicious, but I thought you were supposed to be on vacation. It was soooo good to see you!

    1. Misky says:

      It was wonderful to see you and Rick and Michael, also! Really fabulous evening. We just returned to the hotel after spending the day with Robin. Tomorrow back with Mom and Marg. This post, by the way, was prepared several weeks ago and scheduled for release while I sat at Dairy Queen on Evergreen Way having a chocolate milk shake. Life is miraculous, I always say, particularly after I finish a milkshake. 🙂

      Marilyn (~ Misky)

  4. Tandy says:

    This used to be on the menu at my friend’s restaurant but I’ve never made it at home 🙂

    1. Misky says:

      It’s a very simplified method of the original, which isn’t quite so heavy on fats and calories. 🙂

  5. ceciliag says:

    Oh thats right the kitchen is closed, i forgot.. I just popped in to see how you are! Are you writing?.. c

    1. Misky says:

      No, not writing. Playing with my beautiful granddaughter and grandson!

  6. muddykinzer says:

    Because you have such delicious-sounding recipes, I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! Read more about it here:

    1. Misky says:

      Oh, that’s lovely, and many thanks! 🙂

  7. this sounds and looks VERY good!! Thanks for sharing it!

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