Danish Cucumber Seeds Germinate

(Den danske oversættelse er nederst på denne side.)

The cucumber seeds germinated and made an appearance after 5 days. We kept them under a layer of cling film for warmth and moisture. These cucumbers are for pickling, in particular for Danish asier (pickles).

cucSeeds1_22Apr12 (b)
At 7am, a sunny corner of the conservatorycucSeed2_22Apr12 (2)

At noon.

cucSeed3_22Apr12 (2)

At 7PM, twelve hours after the first photo. They grow quickly! In a few days, we’ll select the strongest and healthiest of the two seedlings in each pot to grow on in larger pots.

All of the annual flower seeds have germinated too, so we’ll have lots of colourful blossoms in the garden (if they survive the hosepipe ban!). The fun begins – happy gardening!

Danish Translation:
De agurk frø spiret og gjorde en udseende efter 5 dage. Vi holdt dem under et lag af plastfolie for varme og fugt. Disse agurker er for bejdsning, især for dansk Asier (pickles).

Det sidste billede er tolv timer efter det første billede. De vokser hurtigt! I et par dage, vil vi vælge den stærkeste og sundeste af de to planter i hver potte at vokse på i større potter.

Alle de årlige blomsterfrø har spiret også, så vi har masser af farverige blomster i haven (hvis de overlever det hosepipe forbuddet!). Det sjove begynder – glad havearbejde!


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  1. Happy gardening to you too, Misk! Lovely seedlings!

    1. Misky says:

      Thank you, Celia! I’ve been following your adventures with interesting vegetables also. Those peppers have my attention – the different colour ones on the same bush. Amazing! Maybe you should save the seeds and try to repeat the variety again next year?

  2. I’m really amazed at how quickly these little wee seeds have popped up! You’ll have your garden going wild in no time!

    1. Misky says:

      Cucumbers and squashes always germinate very quickly! 🙂 Very easy plant to grow.

  3. Joanna says:

    Asier are on the go! i took my last jar of the ones I bought from Danish Direct up to my Dad a couple of weeks ago. I had better get planting quick, your seeds are in this week’s to do pile 🙂

    1. Misky says:

      I used those little faux peat pots this year. Two seeds per little pot, and then pinch out the least strong seedling, and plant up the whole pot into the ground. Nifty!

  4. It’s amazing the speed of growth, it never fails to fascinate me. And I’m looking forward to seeing how you pickle these beauties as I’m growing cornichon/gherkins for the firts time.

    1. Misky says:

      For Danish asier, the cucumbers are allowed to grow to the size of a man’s shoe – large, and turning from green skin to white or yellow. For the recipe, pop over to this link, which gives two different methods. Danish asier are quite different from English pickles. 🙂


      1. They sound and look very diferent – I’ll go and take a looksy at the link now 🙂

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