Elmo’s Gnome Gnotes: Seeds, Fleece and Hearts

Elmo’s Gnome Gnotes: Seedlings, Fleece and Bleeding Hearts

Gardening at this time of the year means changeable weather and precautions. We carefully stretched a length of horticultural fleece over the newly planted daisies in the garden; frosty mornings are still a problem here. And then the wind and rain arrived – the stones I’d put down to hold the fleece in place popped off like popcorn in a hot pan. I needed a better idea, so I put Elmo on the task, literally, I put Elmo on it.

gnomeGfleece_16Apr12 (800x600)
I think Elmo went online while I slept and ordered himself a friend. I’m told his name is Jack. I’m also told that he’s named after me, which is odd because my name isn’t Jack.

Elmo Gnome with Seedlings
Elmo’s tending to the seedling that are just now starting to break through the soil. We seeded Danish cucumbers, nasturtiums, Danish cucumbers, marigolds, cosmos, and more Danish cucumbers. I’ve also slipped in some herbs while Elmo wasn’t looking.

Elmo Gnome with Bleeding HeartsI was very excited to see that the bleeding heart has self-sown itself along the soakway in the garden. Bleeding Heart is one of my favourite plants, even though its dainty and delicate blossoms don’t last very long. The red and white flowers are spectacularly shaped. Elmo uses the soakway track as his personal footpath, and he was a little surprised to see a camera in his face when he the rounded the corner. He runs very fast. He’s often a blur when he whizzes by, so he must learn to take care near corners.

Bleeding Heart Blossom
A close up of the Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart plant (Lamprocapnos spectabilis) native to eastern Asia, from Siberia to Japan. More info at Wikipedia entry for Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart


5 Comments Add yours

  1. heidiannie says:

    I have had gnomes reproduce themselves in my garden- but they were never named after me!
    I love bleeding heart- mu niece has extra green fingers and you can find bleeding hearts in every bed in her garden.
    Thanks for the Gnome gnote update! 🙂

    1. Misky says:

      Elmo just acknowledged your kind comments with a curtsy. I really must teach him how to bow.

  2. Yay.. I planted a bleeding heart last year and forgot! You’ve reminded me.. so now my fingers are crossed that it survived the winter!!! They’re my favorite.. they just remind me of school as a little girl, I’m not sure why though, lol! Love your Elmo:)

    1. Misky says:

      Your weather is certainly more extreme than mine, but I think you should be okay with your bleeding heart. Mine was buried deep under snow for about a 3-weeks last year, and it survived no problem. When yours appears, I’d love to see a photo!

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