He Says It Is The Best Salad Dressing Ever

That’s what my husband said when he tasted April Bloomfield’s Lemon Caper Salad Dressing. This salad dressing is nothing short of gasp-inducing pleasure. Really. No, I mean really.

It’s dead easy to prepare, and even though the recipe suggests it be used within an hour of preparation (refrigerated), I found that it keeps well for 2-days without negatively effecting the tangy kick-fest in your mouth. Be sure to use your favourite mustard as the flavour is balanced from it; I used Maille Dijon. I’ve adapted the original recipe just slightly, adding less olive oil (to cut calories), and it still works very well with mixed salad greens/lettuces.

One basic skill is needed: Segmenting the lemon. Here’s a YouTube video showing how to do it. You want NO pithy stuff left on the lemon!


I’m not going to repost the recipe here as it’s so unusual, and such a credit to April Bloomfield’s creativity, that I think anyone interested should pop over the Food52 website or buy April’s cookery book.

Here are the links:
April Bloomfield’s Lemon and Caper Salad Dressing at Food52

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  1. susanscottsa says:

    looks good – I read it – lemons not in season in South Africa. Will try when available.

    1. Misky says:

      Hi Susan, Is that a carbon footprint issue?

  2. I’m heading over there now.. this will go with my salad theme this week:)

    1. Misky says:

      Do please let me know what you think because I’m so bowled over by the complex flavours in it.

  3. I just checked out the recipe, and oooo so lemony, it sounds delicious

    1. Misky says:

      It is! Lemony, salt from the capers, an edge of sweetness – it has all of the basic tastes that your tongue recognises. I think that’s why it works so well.

  4. ceciliag says:

    I shall zoom over and have a look at the recipe but wanted to say that i went to the Robert site and have done ALL of them so far!! phew.. what does one DO with a twitter account anyway!? however, i am feeling very proud of myself and thank you do much for the heads up! good pointing misky!! c

    1. Misky says:

      Twitter: Post a new blog post; post a tweet with the URL link to it. Add to your viewer base with a reminder that you’re out there. Make contact with other farmers with peacocks or plump pregger sheep and cows. Find locals to come buy your asparagus by posting a tweet. Complain about your road closure…. And just say good morning to your friends, let them know that they’re in your thoughts. 🙂

  5. I am just about to make this dressing…back from France with some lovely new potatoes & fresh asparagus + broad beans…thought this would go well

    1. Misky says:

      I think it will go very well with French treasures. Do please come back and tell me what you think of this dressing. I swear by it, and I hope you will also. 🙂

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