A Breakfast For Those Who Hate Breakfast

I’m one of those people who turn greenish-grey around the gills at the thought of eating breakfast 20-minutes after I wake. I prefer no conversation and a large white mug filled 3/4 full of so-strong-it’ll-curl-your-hair coffee, 2 sweetener tablets, and the mug topped up to the brim with skimmed milk that’s been warmed in the microwave. That’s it. Nothing more until about 9AM. Well, unless I’m offered a full-English breakfast, which I can eat anytime, anywhere: breakfast, lunch or dinner. But I can’t be eating a full-English everyday and expect to look down my nose toward my toes and hope to see my feet protruding beyond a bulbous belly. So I rarely eat breakfast at the same time as when I prepare it for my husband. But when I do eat breakfast, full-English withstanding, this is my favourite thing to eat. It’s light, fresh and nutritious, and it can be tweaked and varied in countless ways to keep it from being boring. Nothing worse than a boring breakfast.

Yogurt with Oranges, Dried Cranberries, Nuts and Honey

Ingredients: (Serves One)
A Cupful of Natural Unflavoured Yogurt
One Large Orange
A Handful of Dried Cranberries
A Generous Sprinkling of Sliced Almonds
A Handful of Soya Nuts
A Handful of Salted Peanuts
1 teaspoon Brown or Golden Linseed
A Scant Drizzle of Honey or Agave Syrup.

Prepare the orange by slicing off the top and bottom. Try not to cut too far into the flesh. The object is to cut where the pithy bit connects to the flesh.

Now slice off the peel around the orange from the top of bottom, cutting away at the layer of pith so the flesh is showing. Cut all the way round the orange until the peel is removed.

So it looks sort of like this. Any pithy bits can be tidied up later.

Now slice through the orange at equal widths, and then cut each round disk into quarters so you have chunks.

Plop a cupful of yogurt on one side of the bowl, the oranges on the other side, sprinkle with the linseed, soya nuts, almond slices and salted peanuts, scatter the dried cranberries, and then drizzle a miserly-Scrooge-like portion of honey across the top. Keep it on the tart side rather than the sweet side. And then dig in!
It’s like eating a bowlful of sunshine on a summer morning.

And it’s just occurred to me that some shavings of dark chocolate might be nice, too…


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  1. Monica says:

    Coconut would be good in there! And toast those sliced almonds for me, please. 🙂

    1. Misky says:

      We could toast the coconut, too, Monica! 🙂

  2. This looks delicious Misk. I love breakfast, I’d happily eat it 3 times a day.

    1. Misky says:

      So could I, actually. 🙂

  3. Joanna says:

    My mother, whose birthday it would have been today, sliced oranges your way, laid them out in a flat crystal dish, swamped them in alcohol, and sprinkled them with slivered toastted almonds and curls of dark chocolate and served it at dinner parties. It was her one and only pudding offering. tart and alcohol rich, I don’t know if this was a typical Danish dessert of the sixties, or something she read somewhere. I’ll never know now, but I can smell the scent of those oranges and the almonds toasting even now 🙂

    1. Misky says:

      This sounds vaguely familiar, and I’m wondering if it’s one of those things that swept the world briefly, like fondue. 🙂

  4. Jennifer Braendeholm says:


    1. Misky says:

      Good morning, Jennifer! Maybe we should make you a Hawaiian version?!

  5. Tandy says:

    that is a lovely breakfast! I am the same, 2 cups of strong coffee before I can face the world, and food!

    1. Misky says:

      I’ve tried all manner of different fruit with this, and oranges seem to work best for balance of flavour. I’m certainly open to all suggestions though! 😀

  6. cobbies69 says:

    I would not want it for breakfast, but after a nice evening meal.. luvverrly! 😉

  7. And it is truly a bowlful of sunshine.. how could a girl not feel so happy and contented eating this and it’s so healthy for us… it definitely would keep our toes well within view;)

    1. Misky says:

      It’s quite yummy. And the salted peanuts add that extra taste element on the tongue that rounds it all out. Sweet, sour, salty and a tiny bit bitter if you add a little orange zest. :). Nummers!

  8. sweetopiagirl says:

    Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss.

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