And I Just Keep Sprouting

Self-Rejuvenating Spring Onions and Sprouting Lentils.

Sprouting, sprouting and still sprouting almost everything in sight. Haven’t done another batch of mung beans though. Not sure that I will. I’ve gone off them a bit.


The lentils took about a week to sprout, but when they did, they grew like crazy. Up, up and up some more. I added them to the usual green salad. Crunchy, slightly odd taste, and to be honest not worth repeating or the time and attention needed to sprout them.


The spring onions are an interesting experiment though. Cut them to the quick two weeks ago, stuck them into a glass of water that changed every morning with fresh water. The green shoots just keep coming. I keep cutting, they keep coming. I may never need to buy spring onions again!!

For info on the 52-Week Salad Challenge click the image below.

52 week salad challenge larger text


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  1. Monica says:

    Dude you’ve gone sprouting mad. I’m totally doing this with my spring onions from now on. They always go all lame and floppy on me in the fridge.

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      That’s ‘dudette’ my girl. 😀 Took about a week for the spring onions to re-sprout and grow but they’ve been going berserk ever since. Nifty trick, that one.

  2. Joanna says:

    what is the thing with the spring onions? I don’t quite understand where you are cutting them. I am feeling stupid…. is this ones with roots on to start with? How much do you cut off exactly? I’ve been sprouting too – will write something about it tomorrow! Sprouts R Us 🙂

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      No roots to start with. These are the normal blog-standard spring onions that you buy at the supermarket, kept together in a bunch with a rubber band (elastic band). No roots. They root when you put them in a glass of water – takes about a week for the roots to appear.

      So, buy the spring onions as usual at the supermarket. Cut as you usually do until you almost reach the white bit, leaving just a tiny bit of the green. Now put the remaining bit (the white bottom with a bit of green at the top) into a glass of cool water, and set it somewhere bright (but not direct hot sun). In about a week, the roots will appear. A week after that the green will start growing. When the green bit’s grown back to its original height, use it again, chop-chop-chop and then stick it back into the glass of water to re-grow more green.

      Does that make sense now? 🙂 Shall I make more photos?

  3. Joanna says:

    The ones I buy have shortened roots at the bottom of the white part. I don’t buy ones which are completely trimmed. I think I might have to see a close up of yours one day as I am not sure we are talking about the same thing. It’s interesting that they regrow though, I have had celery do that in the fridge all of its own accord, without being stood in water and other top growing vegetables too 🙂

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      Does it help if I call these salad onions? Here’s a link to the ones that I bought. Sainsbury’s salad onions I’m hoping that link will work. There’s a small bit of root attached it when bought, a few mm. I rather think it’s the same sort that you buy.

  4. All the onions i get in the store have a small root at the bottom too. Just stick the whole thing in water?

    1. MiskMask says:

      Yep. Just a normal glass of water. Why does WordPress think you’re spammer? They put your comment in the spam folder.

  5. Tandy says:

    I love sprouting and have some baby beet leaves and baby basil leaves on the go at the moment 🙂

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      Beet root leaves sound perfect. I love them. Love beets root, too. Yum! 🙂

  6. How fantastic! I’ve been growing all sorts of sprouts with my kit too, such fun!

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      Amazing fun! I might start some new seeds this weekend. I have caught the bug, I think. 🙂

  7. VP says:

    Wow – I never knew spring onions did that. I’m so glad I started this challenge – I’m learning loads!

    I’ve also nipped in here to get your link for today’s blog round up over at mine 🙂

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      Thanks for including me! Now I know where Mr Linky is, too. Silly me couldn’t find him. I’m wondering if gem lettuce might root and keep growing?

  8. I’m going to have to try the spring onions in water. A great idea!

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      Just be sure to keep trimming the green bits so new ones grow. 🙂

  9. whandthewhat says:

    we’ve been in a sprout drought ever since the FDA stepped in…. and it slipped my mind COMPLETELY that all i gotta do is put my tap water to good use and take my bean hoard and do something about it.

    sheesh! *facepalm* thanks for keeping simple common sense available for consumption online!

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