Save Your Butter Wrappers

Save Your Butter Wrappers …especially the ones that are the thick, foil type. The paper sort are suitable also but the foil type is best.


Place a flattened butter wrapper on top of whatever you’re cooking when you want the liquid to be absorbed or retained (rather than evaporate into the air). It adds another buffer between the food and the pot’s lid, and magically keeps the liquid from going up in steam.

This trick is good for cooking rice, slow-cooking meat (stews, soups, re-heating leftovers, etc.)

Do you have a favourite kitchen trick that you want to share?

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  1. ceciliag says:

    This is a good trick too, I always do it when i roast a chicken! c

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      Oh yes. Chicken. Good idea. 😀 It’s also good for slow-roasting lamb shanks in the oven at a very low temperature.

  2. Very cool! But I think one side of my foil is lined with paper?? I guess I’ll have to use foil, but the results would still be the same, I think?

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      So are mine (one side paper). Put the wrapper paper side down (butter side down in other words). 😀

  3. So clever! With the amount of butter I use, I will be able to supply our entire village with wrappers.
    🙂 Mandy

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      Wanna pop some of yours in the post to me??!! I’ve been known to actually rinse off butter wrappers so I can re-use them again. 😀

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