How To Make Your Own Salted Butter

If you search for How to Make Butter you’ll get 25 million different voices giving their own method. Fact is all the methods are basically the same, although standing on your left foot whilst singing Blue Suede Shoes would add a new variation to the method. Hopping, dancing and singing aside, here are a few easy instructions and photos of what I did to transform double cream into butter, plus the added bonus of a bit of buttermilk for soda bread.

There are three recipe posts that stand out for me on this subject. The first being my friend, Celi, at her down-home-on-the-farmy blog The Kitchen’s Garden. The second is the Barker Brothers on Channel 4. They made butter last week, and managed to look adorable whilst doin’ it … making butter, I mean. The third is Gloria’s Laundry etc.

Celi’s Kitchen’s Garden

The Baker Brothers on Channel 4

Gloria’s Laundry etc

This photo has nothing to do with butter but it has pretty buttery yellow colours and helps to break up the text … just in case you’ve forgotten what this post is about.

P1010408 (800x600)

Step 1: Pour 300-900ml of double cream into a mixing bowl, plus a pinch of salt if you want salted butter. I used a standmixer but you can use a handmixer or even a glass jar with a tightly fitted lid that you shake and shake and shake and shake.

Turn on the mixer and let it do all the work for you. It takes about 7-10 minutes. I had to push the whipped, thickened cream back into the base of the bowl several times because the whip attachment couldn’t reach all the bits trying to climb up the side of the bowl.


Suddenly it was butter. Just like that. One second it was whipped cream; the next it was butter with buttermilk spurting and flying about the place. Take note of that. You’ve been warned. It happens instantaneously, and you need to turn off the mixer quickly to avoid being drenched.


Now fill a small bowl with icy-cold water and squeeze the butter through a fork, pressing out any remaining buttermilk. I don’t have butter paddles, so I wrapped it in kitchen towel and squeezed the remaining liquid out of it. Then I spread it flat with a knife, still pressing any liquids out, and finally rolling it tightly into cling film. I chilled it for a few hours.


I made some crusty rolls earlier in the day, the recipe is at Fresh Loaf website for Kaiser Rolls. I just baked them as crusty rolls by using a lower temperature and baking them longer. The fresh butter was a wonderful treat on those warm rolls. Heaven, I hope, is just like this.

What have you made in the kitchen this week?

[edited 19/1/12]

8 Comments Add yours

  1. ceciliag says:

    Perfect and thank you for the link. Now i am off to dig out those blue suede shoes!! I am making home-made pasta today, maybe they will work magic with that as well!! c

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      And thank you so very much for posting the method on your blog. I didn’t tell Mr. Misk that it was homemade butter, and he just kept slapping it on his bread. He was so “NOOOO! Don’t make homemade butter ’cause I really hate it!” He didn’t even know. I told him when he was finished eating, and he was astonished. Chalk one up for us, Celi!

      Good luck with your pasta. That’s something else I’ve never done. 😀

  2. underthebluegumtree says:

    That’s amazing! I never knew it was that simple. Definitely going to give that a go.

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      Hi, and thank you for stopping by for a read and comment! 😉 This is really easy, honestly. I was astonished just how easy. You can’t use the ‘Long Life’ ultra-pasteurised product though, so buy the normal double cream.

      There’s another very good post about making butter at Gloria’s Laundry Etc blog. Her method is more careful and thorough than mine. I just wanted a little homemade butter to see if I’d like the taste. I used 300ml double cream for my attempt. Here’s the link for her blog.

  3. Home made butter beats the bought stuff or any margarine type thing any day doesn’t it.
    Have you tried whispering buttery sweet nothings while you mix the cream? Thats another way to do it 🙂

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      It beats the taste of commercial butter hands-down. I’ve frozen most of it now – rolled it into a long log covered with cling film, and that way I can slice off what we need. I’ll try whispering sweet nothings next time. 😀

  4. michelle white says:

    i made it yesterday and flavoured it with lemon rind and pasley and used it on mt cod fish my son was mopping the juice outa the pan with bread haha he said it was fit thanks

    1. Misky says:

      LOL! Excellent. 🙂

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