Being Re-Pre-Prepared

Being Re-Pre-Prepared

This year, I said, I’ll be all prepared
fruity bread and treats made ahead
but I ate the lot right then n’ there
so I’ll have to re-pre-prepare
everything all over again.

(c)MiskMask 2011


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  1. Oh… love this! I’ve been re-pre-preparing for a few weeks now and just remaking some cookies this morning;0

  2. Misk Cooks says:

    I had to remake the cranberry Rice Krispy Treats because we ate them all. 😀 Verrrrrrry delicious.

  3. dianadomino says:

    Today was day one of bringing treats to work. I make so much, and now that there are no kids at home, the “kids” at work benefit. ^_^ (My dentist’s office, postman, and local grocery store are also gifted, no need to leave any of the treats at home, my waistline has suffered enough from tastings.) LOL

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      Such lucky people to receive all of your home-baked goodies! I know the problem of the waistline. It’s a darned bother! :0

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