Creamed Mushrooms on Toast

There’s no real recipe to offer up for this. It’s mostly a reminder that not everything past its prime need go in the bin. That even not-so-fresh mushrooms edging toward a spongy Nerf ball consistency can be salvaged into something edible. It does of course … ahem … help greatly if you’re starving to death and you’ve just caught yourself greedily eyeing your grandfather’s stuffed and mounted grey squirrel that’s perched on three legs atop a rosewood pedestal. Why is it that we’re not permitted to toss heirlooms into the bin when they’re hopelessly hideous?

The trick to making spongy mushrooms edible is a tablespoon of crème fraîche thinned with several tablespoons of chicken stock, and chopped fresh tarragon and dried thyme. A scattering of fried bacon is a bonus, if you have it. And not to forget a generous amount of white pepper, plus a bit of course ground black pepper for colour contrast, which adds excitement to an otherwise bland and colourless plate of white in white on white.

Trust me. This really is delicious. Made a nice lunch that kept me moving well into the late afternoon.

Creamed Mushrooms on Toast


A handful of sliced mushrooms
1 tablespoon diced shallots or onion
2 slices of bread, toasted and buttered
150ml hot chicken stock
1 tablespoon fresh chopped tarragon
white pepper
1/2 tablespoon thyme
1 tablespoon crème fraîche


Fry the sliced mushrooms in hot olive oil until tinged golden. Add a tablespoon of diced shallots (or onion) and fry quickly but not allowing them to burn. Add approximately 150ml chicken stock to deglaze the pan, swirl around to pick up and release the bits on the pan, and then stir in the herbs and white pepper followed by the crème fraîche. Stir well, and allow the liquid to reduce slightly if it’s too fluid. Taste and add salt if needed. Pour over toasted sourdough bread, or any bread that you might have in the house.


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  1. joanna says:

    Lovely combination of flavours! I am very keen on tarragon at the moment, must try with mushrooms, good idea! 🙂

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      What have you used tarragon in lately?

      1. Joanna says:

        Roast chicken, under the skin and in the body of the chicken and I think in a frittata. We have it in the garden this year for the first time.

        1. Misk Cooks says:

          ….. Scrambled eggs, flavoured vinegar, tomato soup, mushroom soup, veg soup, alternative mistletoe ……

  2. ceciliag says:

    I love mushrooms on toast, and I have fresh cream in the fridge and some sad mushrooms right there in the fridge, i said to John, oh look here is dinner! No squirrel though! c

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      I absolutely love creamed mushrooms on toast, especially if it’s peppery. Yummy on a cold day.

  3. Maybe the squirrel needs a little crocheted hat to make him more appealing? That would probably give me a good chuckle every time I went past him. Embrace the hideous. Heirlooms should be enjoyed not endured 🙂

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      Maybe a little Santa cap?

  4. OOOO…thank looks yummlicious! These flavours can never go wrong. Come see my new post soon, okay?

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      It is yummy! I am on my way to see your new post! 🙂

  5. C says:

    Looks gorgeous and creamy. I bet the crunchy toast is great with soft mushrooms.

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      I used some of my homemade sourdough, which had a nice flavour and texture for the creamy mushrooms.

    2. Misk Cooks says:

      Totally delish, C. 🙂

  6. Jay says:

    omg super tempting n delicious..
    new to your space…love your space..
    very interesting posts with excellent cliks..
    Am your happy follower now.;)
    do stop by mine sometime..
    Tasty Appetite

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      Thank you! I visited your blog also. Very nice and lots of yummy recipes. 🙂

  7. Misk, yum! I love mushrooms on toast, but have never tried them with chicken stock and cream! We usually fry in butter and finish with a splash of madeira or port..

  8. Misk Cooks says:

    I think hubby has a bottle of port in cupboard, so I’ll try that during the Christmas holidays. Mushrooms with port (why do I keep typing ‘pork’ rather than ‘port’?) seems rather more special than with cream. 🙂

  9. lynette says:

    oooohhh loved it and tried original recipe with smoky paprika instead of herbs …..yummy

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