The Vinegar Diaries: Day 38 – Disk’o MOM


The Vinegar Diaries: Day 38 – Disk’o MOM

Batch number 2 was cruising along beautifully. MOM was doing her job, suspended in the amber-I’m-almost-vinegar fluid like phlegm straight out of a person’s throat with full-blown flu. Ooew. Ick. And then something weird happened. The phlegm-looking substance turned into a semi-pliable disk that covered the entire surface of my cheap-as-chips fermenting bowl. The little incubator jar where I keep my back-up MOM has developed the same cellulose disk material.

Has MOM morphed into a new life form, or is this just another side of MOM? Like the flip side, because I can actually flip this disk right over with my fingers, it’s that thick. I cautiously tasted the fluid, and we’re very close to full-strength vinegar, so I’m wondering if I should just decant and call it a day…or rather call it a bottle of vinegar?

I must consult the vapours of the Vinegar Oracle, and see what advice and knowledge is offered. I think I’ll sacrifice some flatbread on its altar. Oy! Oracle!


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  1. Carl Legge says:

    Ha, just another form of the Mother, you’re fine and doing well. All I need now is for someone to send me a bit of MOV and I can join in 😉

    Carl x

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to pop over here and reply to my question. I’m very happy to know that all is on track. Are you serious; you don’t have a MOM? Or MOV, if you prefer. Mine’s a chip off Mitch’s so it’s logically a MOM.

  2. ceciliag says:

    You guys are funny.. learn it all Mrs Misk as i will be calling on you next year!! c

    1. MiskMask says:

      I hope that you do join in next year, Celi! It’s good fun. Another friend, Mitch, who is the Mother of Mitch-the-vinegar-Mother (MOM), is also fermenting blackberries. Others are fermenting raspberries. Good old raspberry vinegar from the 1990s – remember that craze? How’s your pear cider doing?

  3. jamieott says:

    haha, funny post. I love your adventurous spirit!

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      Hi Jamie! Thanks for stopping by for a read. I tried to visit your blog but it’s private so I can’t reciprocate with comments. 🙂

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