The Vinegar Diaries: Day 19 – The Mitchdafish Method

There’s no doubt that my fizzed-out apple cider stuff is sour but I’m not convinced that it’s actually vinegar. It never had a Mother who’s supposed to sprawl across the top of the jug and gobble up alcohol like a well practised lush. And a miniscule sip revealed an apple flavour but not nearly as pronounced as I want.

So I strained off all the sediment through a clean coffee filter, poured the liquid into a glass jug (not plastic this time), and then filled it to the brim with chopped up apples. Again. I’m hoping to start the fermentation process again but this time leave it totally alone and undisturbed until the Mother appears to drink up all the alcohol. And then I’ll escort her to an Alcoholics’ Anonymous meeting…

p.s. – Mitchdafish is a friend and fellow vinegaree, who eventually coaxed a Mother into her cider jug by throwing more apples at her. I figure her method can’t hurt because goodness knows I can’t hit the broad side of a barn so I’m not apt to hurt anything by throwing apples about the place.


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  1. Joanna says:

    Carl says it takes a couple of months at least to ‘get vinegar’. A man who was selling cider at the market says it takes ‘five years’ and gave me an old fashioned look. I’m wondering if one just presses some apple juice and leaves that in a bucket to ferment whether that would do the trick… In the meantime I have a mini jam pot of Mitch’s Mother and I keep offering her sips of this and that. I put some in my sour first batch but can’t see any signs of growth so far. I think we have to wait some more. If you want me to ship some of M’s M to you I will ! I can always beg a little more from her. x Joanna

  2. Misk Cooks says:

    Two months is max in my opinion. I’m quite happy to tolerate Sedrick-the-Starter’s idiosyncrasies because he produces something can’t find in a supermarket, namely a good, flavoursome sourdough loaf of bread without preservatives. But … if my cider-slush-stuff doesn’t find its Mother, just sitting there doing zippity-nought, then it won’t be wasting valuable work-surface for long. I can buy sensational vinegar at the farmers’ market or Waitrose. I do want to keep my eye on my lemon juice vinegar project though. I have more hope for that one actually. Oh, and there’s also that shop called “Oil and Vinegar” that has excellent product. What are you feeding your M?

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