Substitutions, Conversions and Cookery Miskifications


Over the years I’ve accumulated and compiled info that’s enabled me to ‘translate’ cookery methods, measures and ingredients from one language to another, from one method of measure to another, from borderline lunacy to semi-sanity. This list of info permitted me to continue cooking without skipping a beat no matter what country or continent we happened to be shuffled off to during my husband’s career.

I haven’t copied and pasted the file to this post as it’s rather lengthy, and not everyone is interested (nor do they need) this sort of info. If you wish to view it, just click the link below and then save it to your computer. Should you find any glaring errors, please send me a message here so corrections can be made.

View PDF file – Cookery Measurements Equivilents and Substitutions

And just so you have something to look at, here’s a photo of the baker’s emblem that hangs above the doorway of every bakery in Denmark.


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