The Vinegar Diaries: Day 9 and 10

And so came the day when the apples parted company with the cider. Woo-hoo onto thee. And all was well with the world until the wasps descended like a plague on the compost pile where I’d chucked the apples. I ran. Tootle-do. Revoir. Bonsoir.

I was told by the Vinegar Oracle to relax and enjoy this process. I’m trying. But one shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that I’m creating something here, life I think. Not sure about that though. I am clear on one fact: I’m a creator. Sedrick will attest to that.

And yea onto youse, since this was the 9th day, not the 7th, I set back to work. I strained the apples from the golden nectar, and left to its own devices, to rest under an open-weave shroud (my antique tea towel with the faded words “Miller’s Flour” printed across it). And there it sits by itself in a shaded, cool corner of the utility room. I found a plastic measuring jug in the back of the cupboard for this part of process, and I’m hoping that it’s okay. I needed use of my glass bowl, so I claimed it back from the apples. Now patience is all that’s required. I’m assured that it will turn from a sparkling sweet substance to one as tart and sour as that tarty Parisian woman who propositioned my 16-year-old son outside the Moulin Rouge a decade ago. I mean what sort of half-wit propositions a boy when his mother is standing right next him? My son’s expression was a mix of surprise, shock and amusement when we told him what she was after. But I digress. Again. Just call me Waffle.

So here’s a photo of the apple cider not-yet-vinegar at 10AM on Day 9.

And here’s a photo at 6PM. This is worse than holiday photos …

And here’s a photo at 8AM on Day 10, today. Not only is the sickeningly sweet aroma of fermenting apples gone but a wee-itsy-bitsy taste this morning (huge mistake! More about that later) revealed a hint of vinegar sourness.

I hugely suggest that you do not taste-test your ‘are-you-vinegar-yet’ elixir first thing in the morning before you’ve fully awoken, and certainly not imediately after brushing your teeth. It’s a rather distasteful shock.


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  1. Joanna says:

    Only one thing worse than being propositioned stood next to your mother, and that is of course when they proposition your mother and ignore you….

    (stranger things happen at sea)

    I am leaving the shroud where it is and only opening it on Holy Vinegar Day – an as yet to be decided on date in the future. In the meantime, Carmella from next door has visited with yet more of her windfalls. I’m chopping up apples again 🙂

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      My sweet little J. was a late bloomer; he was in love with a PlayStation at that point, and a girl couldn’t compete. How things change.

      I’m quite uncertain about whether to stir or not to stir, like I did each morning while the apple chunks were brewing. I’m going to re-read those scanned pages you sent me, and if it comes up lacking answers then I’ll knock on the Oracles noggin to see if he urps up an answer.

      Ah, that explains the bulk apple vinegar SOS. 😉

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