Danish Æblekage (Danish Apple Cake): Recipe Amendment

The amount of sweet, toasted breadcrumbs specified in this recipe are now amended to a much small quantity. I checked the recipe with my mother-in-law while I was in Denmark, and we discovered that I’d suggested three times more than any right-minded Danish cook would use.

Shame on me. So, the total now reads 50-70 grams. All other ingredients and method remain the same.

The amended recipe for Danish Apple Cake is at http://wp.me/p1AEg4-8X


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  1. Joanna says:

    Just made an anglicised version of this, with gently poached garden apples, and whizzed up leftover independent crumble topping. A little vanilla extract and cinnamon and lemon juice in the apples, and a big blob of thick greek yoghurt on top. Independent crumble topping is when you make crumble and then bake it on a tray, let it cool and store for when you want it. Keeps about two or three weeks in the fridge. I made it in big rubbly lumps last time, so I put some in the whizzer for this dish. Great success, B says it’s like a trifle 😀

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      I love it when people adapt a recipe to meet their own taste and imagination. 😀 That combination of Greek yogurt and tangy apples sounds lovely. I’m very interested in learning more about your ‘independent crumble topping’, as it’s something that I might be able to adapt to P’s requirements.

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