The Vinegar Diaries: Day 5


Nothing new or notable happened on Day 4, so I skipped reporting nothing new or notable in the hope of retaining what few readers I’ve managed to hook … ahem – attract.

But all that changed this morning: I have one new subscriber … and bless my fuzzy fleece socks, there’s no doubt that we now have alcoholic apple cider.

I’m not positive but I think I was scolded by a bowl of slightly less buoyant, fermenting apple chunks. It was a clear protest about too much earlier morning noise for its sensitive ears. I removed the cotton tea towel that covers the bowl, lifted the inverted plate that keeps the apples submerged, and gave the golden-coloured elixir a stir with a scrupulously clean fork. And then it hissed at me. A soft, prolonged but totally unmistakable ssshhhhhhhhhhh sound, followed by a flurry of miniscule bubbles hurrying to the surface and breaking into an explosion of alcoholic cider aroma.

Now I like cider as much as the next person, or possibly more than the next person, but apple-scented, alcohol-laced molecules tickling my sinuses at 6:10AM is enough to make a girl’s head spin and her complexion turn greeny-grey. Which is what it did. Next time I’ll keep my nose purposefully pointed away from the perfume coming from my not-quite-yet-but-soon apple cider vinegar.

It seems a bit mean to just leave you with one measly, slightly blurry photo of fermenting apples, so here’s a photo of the sourdough boule I made yesterday. Sedrick-the-Starter made his re-appearance into the world of the living again after cooling his heels in the fridge for 2-weeks while I was away on hols. I changed his composition from organic rye flour to organic strong white flour over a period of 4-days. Good result: he’s still very ‘uplifting’ and hyperactive – and darned well blew his top. Again. Inadequate scoring I suspect but never mind.

Nice holes, not too large so the butter and jam doesn’t drip down your arm.

This loaf was totally scrummy and sour, and thoroughly satisfying with freshly made blackberry-black current-raspberry-cherry jam  that I made on Monday.

The cherries were frozen but it didn’t seem to negatively reflect in how it set. I also use agave nectar instead of sugar for hubby. Very little Certo pectin was needed because I use a lot of lemon juice to keep the flavour tart. The lemons help set the natural pectin.

And as they say, that’s that.

No baking today. We’re breaking all previous high temperature records in my area, and I’ll not repeat the mistake of yesterday by baking in this autumn heat wave. Actually, I think I’ll make some Sun Tea.

You know about Sun Tea, right?


6 Comments Add yours

  1. teawithhazel says:

    congratulations are in order..i remember how excited i was when my pear scraps started to bubble too..

    1. MiskCooks says:

      Have you tried your pear vinegar yet?

      1. teawithhazel says:

        no..i’m a just sits on the bench looking forlorn and unloved..i did have a little sip ages ago but actually preparing food with it is the problem..

        1. Misk Cooks says:

          Don’t quite follow — why is it a problem? Do you make salad dressing?

          1. teawithhazel says:

            because when i bottled it it was was stringy and would be like making snot dressing! 🙂

            1. Misk Cooks says:

              Oh no! How disappointing after all the time it takes to ferment and then turn acidic. Do you know why that happened? I’ll have to ask my friend Carl if this consistency is normal for homemade vinegar.

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