The Letter Y is for Yggdrasil and Ylang-Ylang


… plus a few other Ys that interest me, although I favour “Yggdrasil” as the most interesting of the lot. It’s a 13th century Norse legend, Odin’s Tales, about an ash tree that suspends heaven and earth and hell from its branches to its roots. There’s a Yggdrasil tree near my in-laws house on Fyn in Denmark. Even without knowing or hearing of Odin’s legend, that ancient tree perched high on a burial mound frightened my youngest son when he was about 8-years-old. I think it also led him toward reading ancient history and archaeology at university.


There’s also yin and yang, a concept that makes infinite sense to me, the ylang-ylang tree that grew in front of my flat when I lived in Hong Kong (near Stanley), yachting in Denmark around Fyn with family, yoga which I try to do several times a week to keep my old joints and muscles moving, I love yammering endlessly; yammering is a lost skill in my opinion, the yew tree that grew in the garden of the house where I grew up – the one that brushed against my bedroom window when the wind blew, Yorkshire moors in the winter, positivity like yes and yep and yahoo and yippee, my favourite Duncan yo-yo that I had as a child, stretching and yawning after a heavy meal, and sunny yellow egg yolks.


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  1. Oh, Ylang Ylang – wonderful smell! I want to say I saw a tree/bush in costa rica. and I do tend to yammer on and on, especially when I haven’t seen my husband in a while. I love all your Y words in the collage. neat. Emily

    1. MiskMask says:

      Thank you, Emily. I’m glad that you enjoyed the wordle collage. 😀 Costa Rica? My son taught in a small village up in the mountains of Costa Rica a few years ago. He loved it there. Did you do that zip-line through the tree-tops?

  2. Joanna says:

    Yoo hoo to you too! I love the Norse myths and the tale of the world tree. They are so grand aren’t they and poor Baldur and naughty Loki. They were my favourites as a child, wilder and darker than the pompous Romans stealing their Gods wherever they went…. Lovely Wordle ! 😀

    1. MiskMask says:

      So true! They make Harry Potter seem timid. Norse myths seem to draw adults and children alike, which I think is quite unique.

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