The Letter G: It’s Veni Vidi Vici in the Garden


When I was a child it was called a geranium. They were red, coral or white, and most had a scent that made us wrinkle up our noses in disgust. My mother over-wintered her geraniums from one year to the next by storing them in the basement. By late winter, they were alive and sprouting again, and eager to send us pinching our noses in disgust for one more summer. Now a geranium isn’t a geranium; it’s a Pelargonium, the red ones being x’hortorum, and now a geranium is a blue cranesbill or a storksbill, its proper name being Geranium platypetalum.


Who knew. Certainly not me. Had I known that Latin would become entwined in gardening like bind weed, I wouldn’t have learnt Spanish … since I’ve never been to Spain, but spend every waking minute of Spring and Summer in my garden talking to the flowers and tree in a language they apparently don’t understand.


Gladiolus, plural gladioli or occasionally gladioluses. Iris family. These big flouncy beauties only lasted 3-days before the rain and wind knocked them for sixes and eights.

Grass: As cool as sea water even when the summer heat beats down on your head with the force of a hammer on soap.


A few of my other favourite G words are:


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  1. heidi says:

    I grew up in a Greenhouse – well actually, my parents owned a greenhouse business and raised their 7 children to work and learn about flowers and plants- but I never learned any proper Latin. Only gardeners speak the names in Latin- the sweet nothings we whisper to speed growth and encourage beauty are spoken in each individuals native tongue! LOL! My children were never interested in the Latin names- ” But what would you call it in English?”
    Gobsmacked is one of my favorite words, too! I think because I am continually in that state!

  2. Misk Cooks says:

    I know a fair number of common names but I have to use my RHS Encyclopedia for cross-referencing their proper name. The garden centres only use proper names, although the labels will often give the common names in small print. 😉 I admit that I still use common names more often than not. Old dog, new tricks, no way sort of thing. LOL!

    Thanks again for your continued support in visiting here! It’s very appreciated. 🙂

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