The Letter E is for …


This letter E drove me around the bend a few days ago with its EVOO acronym, so my brain is fairly E’d out. I also want to ch-ch-ch-EAT and catch up with the alphabet, so that tomorrow will be F’day rather than E’day. So if a picture is worth a thousand words, then here’s the picture with far less than that.



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  1. Joanna says:

    I’m having tomorrow off… xx

  2. Misk Cooks says:

    I’ve had a very busy day here; hoping to do my F-word later this evening. xx

  3. heidi says:

    Oh dear- you are not doing the F-word! LOL!
    I liked your piece on acronyms- EVOO is just so much easier than Extra Virgin Olive Oil! And personally, I kind of like chirpy little Rachel Ray is small doses.

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      Maybe I should give Rachel another try, eh? Is there something in particular that you like about her cooking? Is it the recipes or maybe new ideas … ?

  4. heidi says:

    I like the combination of foods- she is a quick kind of cook- her fame came from 30 minute meals- I don’t like the talk show part- but she has made some pretty good looking meals. ( I also don’t like her too often- she is chirpy and quirky and can get to be a bit much- but every once in a while….)

  5. Misk Cooks says:

    Quick meals in 30-minutes is certainly a bonus. I can’t recall seeing much beyond the chat show host role she plays on TV. I’ll try watching her again on your recommendation. Now I’ll just have to find her amongst all the other thousands of programs on each day. I often think we’re given too much choice when it comes to telly, and most of it is total rubbish actually.

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