August’s Alphabet: The Letter “C” Is For …

when I first get myself up
hot, sweet and milky
in my favourite cup

P1000462 (800x600)

Crispy Coated Chicken
baked with crumbs
from my very own bread
Mr Misk said, Mmm yum.

P1000454 (800x600)

Clouds at sunrise
feathered soft
tendrils wafting
toward sunbeams
through trees

P1000465 (800x600)

Two kinds I grow
one long and lean
like a fat string bean
the other chubby and squat
for asiers and that


in puddings
in pies makes
me sigh, stir
it and bake it
I might even go
swimming in it.

P1010187 (480x640)

Chilli Peppers
in my greenhouse
surely not suited
for a big girl’s blouse
or a nice brown mouse
with a taste for spice.

P1000469 (600x800)

and Crispy bread,
a mouthful of each was fed her.
She couldn’t well speak
’cause all of that cheddar
had made her go
a little bit lith’py.

fragrant air
as summer sizzles
the sap of tall pines.

Triple chocolate
who could possibly hate
ch-ch-ch cookies.

And finally …

To make your own Wordle collage
just pop over to Zeb’s blog and read
this post at

How to make a Wordle


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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Joanna says:

    I love it! Your words dance on the page – thanks for the mention and for playing the wordle game too! xx

  2. Misk Cooks says:

    Selv tak. xx ;D

  3. heidi says:

    This is delightful!
    Your poetry and photographs and word collage all make me smile.
    I have a picture of you in my mind and it twinkles.

    1. MiskMask says:

      Aaaawh, Heidi, what an absolutely lovely thing to say. I’m so pleased that you liked it. 😀 It was you that gave me the idea of a Wordle for the letter C, so thanks to you for that!

  4. Jaspenelle says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. Crispy Chicken and Chocolate. Yup, we’d get along. 😛

    1. MiskMask says:

      Hi, and welcome! I’ll try to post the recipe for the crispy chicken within the next few days. It’s so easy, and very, very tasty. And chocolate … well, I love it!

      Again, thanks for stopping by for a read!

  5. drfugawe says:

    Is it appropriate to respond in verse?
    I’ll just pretend by abandoning paragraph structure
    and punctuation too
    Did I ever tell you that I
    believe that genetically women
    are addicted to chocolate
    and men to beans?
    i thought not

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      Any response is appropriate, Doc, so have at it. 😀

      No, I didn’t know that. And here I always thought that chocolate came from a bean… 😉

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