I Can’t Believe It’s No-Knead Bread: The Letter B

I’m trying a new bread recipe today. It’s a variation on the old internet recipe that went viral about 3 years ago: “No-Knead Bread”. This is called “Nearly No-Knead Bread”, which is rather catchy and cute but I’ve decided to go with “I Can’t Believe It’s No-Knead Bread”. The recipe’s variation is the addition of one tablespoon vinegar, which according to the food editor of the article I read, adds a near-sourdough flavour without the need of making a starter, something I still indeed to do this week.

Now personally I’m not a believer in shortcuts being a shortcut to improvement. They’re usually just a shortcut to being short-changed. To that end, I must add that it’s a darned good thing that my name isn’t Gutenberg because the printing press would still be a lump of metal in the smithy’s furnace.  I’m not a total luddite. Obviously. I’m sitting here typing on a laptop rather than using a quill and parchment. But not everything improved is an improvement.

In case you’re wondering where I’m going with this … well, I’m allowing my fingers to dance across the keyboard as they wish as I wile away an hour or so until my latest loaf is cool enough to cut and taste. More about that bread later.

So, while I’m wiling here’s my contribution to August’s Alphabet: The Letter B.

B is for basil.
Richly green and fragrant.
Warm as fuzzy slippers.
Chopped or puréed.
Scattered on red, ripe
tomatoes with mozzarella.
Insalata Caprese.

B is for bread.
Singing as it cools.
Steaming butter soaking holes.
Crumb and crumbled.
Rap the bottom,
hear it echo like a green crested
woodpecker tapping for its dinner.
Sing for your dinner.
Sing for your tea.
That tap-tap tapping; it’s just me
and my burnt fingers.

B is for brining
and baking chicken
that I’ll bake tonight.
Skinless and tough
turned into magical sweetness
that’s moister than a cloud.
2T salt 2 Cups water,
soak 30-minutes,
and blot dry.
Egg wash and spicy
bread crumbs,
bake 30-40 minutes.

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Chiot's Run says:

    OH, I should have added BREAD to my list of B’s yesterday. I’m a huge bread lover (eating a piece right now). I’m partial to a long fermented sourdough made with rye.

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      Hi, and welcome to you! I plan to make up some starter this week. It’s my first proper sourdough starter, so I’m a little excited and a little apprehensive. But with Dan’s book, I’m sure I’ll be okay. That loaf that I made today was surprisingly good (1T vinegar added to dough), and I’ll be writing up the recipe for it tomorrow. I already have my brain working on Cs. 😀

  2. Came over for the first time from Alphabet in August. Enjoyed your blog!

    1. MiskMask says:

      Thank you very much, and welcome! I’ll pop over and see your Alphabet in August contributions after dinner. 😀

  3. Joanna says:

    My aunt adds a little vinegar to her bread for just the same effect. Did it work? It would probably improve the keeping qualities of the bread too providing the woodpecker doesn’t get to it first. 😉

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      The vinegar gave it a different depth, and personally, I liked it. It didn’t simulate a sourdough taste but think it might do if I used more than just 1 tablespoon. Peder certainly like it.

      Is that your Danish tante that uses vinegar?

  4. Love your play with words, they make me smile…

    1. Misk Cooks says:

      Thank you so very much. A smile is a very high compliment! 😀

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