Some Things You Just Have to Learn


As a child, it’s of little consequence that you have a tall mother and father. You still have to spend a very long time growing before you’re as tall as they are. Same goes for baking it seems. Sometimes you must be patient and learn the lesson when it presents itself.

Like leaving a sizeable border of dough around the edge of the pizza so it can rise and bubble and crisp and turn all golden brown. That’s what I did with my overnighter dough from yesterday’s pizza. I used it for my lunch, and what a pleasant surprise when the edges reacted to the heat the way it should have done last night in the oven. I also didn’t use a rolling pin on my dough today – I just stretched it by hand, let it hang in mid-air a bit like an old wet t-shirt, and then popped it on to the preheated baking sheet. I also didn’t let the oven preheat for an hour beforehand, so that’s good news because that makes a homemade pizza less economical than it would be otherwise.

So here’s the way my pizza looked this afternoon for lunch. Are you a pretty little thing?



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  1. drfugawe says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Remember, if your dough is getting resistant before it has attained the exact shape you want, just leave it for 10-15 mins, and when you return, it will be soft and supple, and ready and willing to be shaped.

    Nice work – see, dough can be fun, right?

  2. Misk Cooks says:

    It’s gorgeous, eh? I just had to take a photo of that one so you could see it. And as for “Dough can be fun”, you’re preaching to the choir. 😀

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