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danboA friend (and fellow bread baker) on Twitter just directed me to a website where I can buy all of the Danish food that we miss so sorely when we’re away from friends and family. It’s a wonderful discovery, and it’s particularly nice knowing that I can order Ymer for my  Danish Cold Potato Salad

So for my friend, Carl, here’s a list of “top delicacies” that we enjoy eating while we’re in Denmark.

Danish Medister Sausage A delicious pork sausage with mellow spices

Real Rye Bread  Dark and hearty

Riberhus Cheese Medium Strength  Creamy medium strength Danish cheese

Arla Ymer 3.5% Fat  Like yogurt but thicker and richer. Typically served at breakfast with granola scattered across the top with fresh fruit

Danish Curry Herring for Open Face Sandwiches  Proper herring

Danish Herrings in Marinade  And more proper herring

Thin Dark Chocolate Sheets for Chocolate Sandwiches This find is for my friend, Joanna, who was recently dreaming of slapping this thin chocolate on bread.

Ground Mustard Powder for Making Danish Fish Sauce  Perfect with poached white fish. Soak powder 5-minutes in hot warm, and then stir into a white sauce with a dash of vinegar just before serving.

Danbo Gamle Ole Cheese  My favourite Danish cheese

Spicy Christmas (Cookie) Pebernodder  Oooh yeah, is all I can say about them.

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  1. You know what they have on there – asier! My mother’s cousin’s mother used to make her own asier. I love that pickle! I think I’m going to have to order some and some of the bread chocolate too. And herring…. I wonder if you could culture your own Ymer, once you had some from them… it’s worth a try! They also have little packets of potash – I looked all over for that one Christmas. I found it at the Swedish shop in London in the end.

  2. Did you notice they have several websites all running from the same place, the have a fancy foods one and a survival foods/kit one. They have the fabled fennel pollen I’ve been reading about lately….. I can see a credit card bill looming…..

  3. MiskMask says:

    Peder makes our asier from the cucumbers we grow in the greenhouse. He allows them to grow into monsters, and then he does his magic on them. When he makes asier this autumn, I’ll take notes on ingredients and quantities, if you wish. 😀

    Do you use the potash in små kager?

    I did notice the other websites on Danish Foods Direct links but I didn’t have a chance to explore it much. Peder and I both crawled off to bed early last night. What’s the scoop on fennel pollen?

  4. You have your own asier…. I am very envious (green emoticon) I’ve never used the potash, but I think it’s the stuff you need for those german lebkuchen or something I was thinking of baking. Fennel pollen is supposed to be the bees knees in fennel flavour, having never tried it, I wouldn’t know how good it is, could just be hype, I have heard rumours of dill pollen too…. taps finger on side of nose….

  5. MiskMask says:

    My mother-in-law uses potash for making a small, flat cookie called brun kage. They’re quite often made around Christmastime in Fyn, where Peder comes from. Or it’s entirely possible that she only makes them at that time of year. 🙂

    Hmmm….pollen…hmmmm. I suspect that I’m too set in my ways to muck about with something like that. Much rather buy a fennel bulb, or cut some dill from my garden. Do you grow herbs?

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