Chicken Vegetable Soup with Noodles and Harissa

It’s never too late in the year or too early for soup. I cleared out the fridge yesterday, a grocery delivery arriving today, so wobbly veg and stuff not sad enough for the bin became soup. The chicken was leftover from a weekend roast, so it was just matter of shredding it with two forks….

“Simple” Cookbook by Ottolenghi

October was a taste treat. The Great British Chefs’ Cookbook Club took on Chef Ottolenghi’s new book “Simple“. I highly recommend it. The food is flavourful, easy to prepare, precise recipe directions, new ingredients and spice combinations that were a delightful surprise. Here are a few photos of the food prepared during the month.  …

Summer Food

It’s been a summer of discovering new flavours and foods and techniques. I joined a group called “The Great British Chef’s Cookbook Club” on Facebook. Every month we cook recipes from a new book, from chefs who are featured on the Great British Chef’s website. There’s been classic food, French food, Vietnamese food, vegetarian  and…

How to Cook Easy-Peel Eggs

How To Cook An Easy-Peel Egg It can be done. I didn’t believe it but it’s true. This method comes from J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s book “The Food Lab”. It’s the science of cooking, like why that does this, or why that doesn’t do this. Anyway, the eggs. This method produces a hard-cooked egg that is…

Mapping the Garden: Week 2

Yes, we’re still at it. Or rather Peder is. He digs and digs, and then does his back in, and I fix him coffee, fetch him aspirin and heat packs, and he continues to buy plants and dig holes … because he’s a Dane, and Danes are as tough as weather. So, one day my…

Mapping the Rock Garden

After Dad’s willow tree died, we decided to redesign the rock garden. This is a map of it with the various plants named. The image is clickable for full-size viewing.

A View on a Wildflower Garden

The wildflower garden is a success this year, and the bees have arrived also. Last year, its first season, wasn’t nearly as spectacular as this year. Perhaps next spring will be even more beautiful? April 2022: A note.  The wildflower garden is no more. Neighbours mentioned that their lawn was filling with weeds. From our wildflowers….